Patio Heaters

Leading brands

Our valued customers are quick to praise our patio heaters, and we’ve received glowing reports from famous London venues such as Spitalfields Market and Gordon’s Wine Bar.

They look great, but also after we installed them they are nicely unobtrusive. – Toby Brown, Spitalfields Market

The reason? We think it’s down to the leading  brands we offer – all in one place, and at prices that won’t hurt your wallet.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a browse and discover fantastic prices on top patio heater brands such as the market leader Shadow, Tansun, Burda and Solamagic. And while you’re here, take a look at our ultra-economical patio heaters such as the Empire 3KW Tower Heater.

Video Empire 3KW Tower heater

Cutting-edge inventions

Our customers each have unique outdoor heating challenges, and if there’s one thing we enjoy, it’s providing specialised solutions that meet their requirements perfectly – that’s where our in-house Shadow innovations come in.

From the hanging Shadow Pendant to oscillating infrared patio heaters like the Shadow XT, we develop advanced outdoor technology to suit your particular needs.

All-weather patio heaters that perform

Our garden patio heaters are perfect for maintaining the outdoor party mood – so whatever the unpredictable UK climate sends your way, your guests or customers will remain warm, cosy and in great spirits.

Stay cosy on rainy days

When the heavens open and your gazebo goes up, you’ll be home and dry with our Moroccan-inspired 6kW Pendant Gazebo Heater – ideal for those very British ‘indoors-outdoors’ occasions.

Summer in any season

Keeping customers happy all year round is vital for any business. Chase away winter chills in  style with ultra-powerful patio heaters such as the Sherpa 13Kw gas patio heater.

Cheat the wind

Warm up your terrace on windy days with quartz infrared patio heaters like the Tansun Rio IP55. Harnessing the power of short wave electromagnetic waves, our infrared patio heaters are unaffected by gusts of wind, so they always provide a consistent level heat to people and objects in their path.

Outdoor heating in your hands

Giving you control in any outdoor situation, our patio heaters are available with a variety of operating modes. From iPad and smartphone-based bluetooth technology to traditional switch and remote handset controls, we put the power of comfort outdoors in your hands.

A variety of mounting options

Wall-mounted heaters

Looking to boost the comfort level in your pub beer garden or outside your own back door? Our wall-mounted patio heaters are safely and easily installed almost anywhere.

Hanging heaters

Providing the perfect level of warmth from above, our hanging chain and pendant heaters are designed for use under canopies, above tables and over those harder-to-reach areas.

Portable heaters

For outdoor heat anytime and anywhere, it’s hard to beat our floor-standing portable patio heaters. Store them away on warmer days, and bring them out when the temperature tumbles.

Lamps and stands

We stock a wide variety of replacement lamps and stands to enable you to maintain your heaters in top condition and place them in the garden areas you want to heat.

Next-day delivery

Need your patio heaters at the last minute? No problem. Any patio heater that’s currently in stock can be delivered to the UK mainland via our next-day service.

Thanks to our UK-based storage facilities and efficient distribution network, you’ll have your outdoor heating solution delivered quickly, and we’ll send you a text or email so you know when you can expect your heater

For further delivery information, Detailed delivery information.

All shapes and sizes

Have a browse and discover one of the widest selections of patio heaters in the UK.

Our patio heater ranges include:

  • Electric patio heaters

  • Gas patio heaters

  • Flame patio heaters

  • Infrared patio heaters

  • Pyramid patio heater

  • Wall-mounted patio heaters

  • Hanging patio heaters

  • Free-standing patio heaters

  • Patio heater stands and accessories

Frequently asked questions

At Heat Outdoors we are often being asked questions by our customers about how to install heaters, which ones should I buy and how do I change a lamp on my heater. We have collected these questions and have provided answers to them on our FAQ page.