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Gas Patio Heater Covers

Outdoor patio heater covers are a quick, affordable and easy way to protect your gas patio heating unit and keep it looking spotless

Thanks to the robust materials and long-lasting components of our outdoor appliances, keeping your patio heater in perfect condition is effortless.

Every product in our infrared heating range is safe to use in all weather, while our gas-powered models require an outdoor heater cover to be fitted when not in use.

Investing in a gas patio heater cover will not only preserve the look of your appliance, it will enable you to store your heater outdoors all year with complete peace of mind.

Patio Heater Covers from Heat Outdoors
All-weather patio heaters covers

How outdoor patio heater covers protect your appliance

Here in the UK, we’re used to facing everything that the weather can throw at us but – although we’re resilient – we should spare a thought for any appliances that are kept permanently outdoors.

Here are some ways that a heater cover can protect your outdoor gas patio heater:

Right as rain

Before the heavens open, it’s a great idea to protect the exposed metallic elements of your patio technology with a gas heater cover.

Although our Santini and Sherpa heaters are made from military grade stainless steel, fitting a bespoke weatherproof cover will ensure that no corrosion can develop over time.

Chill out

When winter hits and temperatures tumble, a frostproof gas heater cover will prevent any ice (which could also cause corrosion) from getting into the starter mechanism and other vital components.


If your outdoor space is bordered by trees or in a rural area, many mischievous animals such as squirrels and birds will be lurking and may use your heater for ‘target practice’.

Bird guano and other animal droppings are acidic, which can cause metallic surfaces to become stained or discoloured. A covered patio heater remains protected from unsightly marks and cosmetic damage.

How to fit a gas heater cover

The covers for our outdoor gas appliances are weatherproof, incredibly durable and quick to put on. To ensure yours is properly in place, you can refer to these simple tips:

Never switch on a covered patio heater

For obvious reasons, a heater which is in use should never be covered or wrapped in any kind of material.

Heater covers are often made from nylon or plastic, so please keep them away from naked flames and do not expose them to high temperatures.

2. Check your cover isn’t inside out

Every outdoor heater cover we send to our customers is neatly packed and ready for you to use immediately.

However, when you’re removing the cover from your heater for the first time, be sure that the weatherproof part of the material remains on the outside. This will keep your appliance shielded from the elements the next time you cover it.

If any seams or labels are visible, you may have the cover turned inside out.

3. Use the fastenings

Not all heater covers come with fastenings – bespoke covers are made to fit a particular model precisely, so they usually slip over and sit very snugly without anything holding them in place.

If your cover has Velcro, elastic toggles or strings to tighten it at the base, you’ll need to fasten them securely.

4. Patch up any holes

When your gas patio heater cover gets old, you may notice tears and holes developing in the fabric.

If the holes are small, you can easily patch them up with pieces of waterproof repair tape – but if lots of holes or a large rip appear, we’d suggest you order a new cover as soon as possible.


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