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Commercial Mushroom Style Gas Patio Heaters

Commercial Mushroom Style Gas Patio Heaters

In our changeable British climate, keeping your customers warm, happy and entertained outdoors can be a tall order. Nothing puts a spanner in the social atmosphere (and your profits) like a freezing cold beer garden or draughty outdoor dining area.

For generous warmth and a glamorous glow, a commercial gas heater could be the solution to your weather-related woes.

Sherpa 13kW gas patio heater voted best buy by Evening Standard

The benefits of a commercial mushroom style gas heater

Gas heaters are a marvellous way for you to create a cosy outdoor vibe. Below are just some our favourite things about these atmospheric appliances.

Freestanding commercial mushroom style gas patio heater

Gas heaters are a marvellous way for you to create a cosy outdoor vibe. Below are just some our favourite things about these atmospheric appliances.

If you don't need to install your patio heater permanently or want the ability to move the heater around the area, a freestanding unit is an ideal choice. These gas heater models use portable propane tanks for power.

A freestanding gas heater has its own control so your staff can turn on and off the units that are needed at any time. Reducing the running costs.

Glow with the flow

Unlike the heat electric models produce, commercial outdoor gas heaters radiate heat from a glowing gas burner – this is controlled by an ignition switch and temperature regulator at the base of the unit.

Not only does the burner emit a pleasant stream of warmth, it casts a natural glow over its surroundings – this can make a patio or terrace feel more intimate, especially after dark.

Video Sherpa Commercial Mushroom Gas Patio Heater

Video of a Sherpa Mushroom style Gas Patio Heater. Our most popular commercial gas heater.

Light my fire

Introducing striking elegance – as well as comfort – to your outdoor space, flame pyramids are some of the most beautiful commercial gas patio heaters on the market.

With its contemporary shape and flickering central flame, our Athena Plus+ flame heater makes a handsome statement about your outdoor environment and gives a refined impression of your business.

No tripping

Our gas-powered models are all completely cable-free – there’s no need to hook them up to the mains. The absence of wires on the ground means one less trip hazard, making them ideal for busy commercial environments.

Commercial gas patio heaters are fuelled by a canister which is stored inside the unit’s base, bringing warmth to any section of your pub garden, rooftop bar or restaurant terrace. No more trailing extension leads – just quick, cable-free outdoor heating.

The best spot for your commercial gas patio heaters

Above all, it’s important to make sure your gas heating appliances are in the most advantageous location for your customers – if the flames are on but no one can feel the benefit, you’re burning money.

With that in mind, below are some great ideas for positioning commercial outdoor gas heaters.

Make an entrance

In the hospitality and outdoor events industry, first impressions are of paramount importance.

To set your doorway or patio entrance off in style, put a pyramid gas heater either side and watch as they attract the attention of passing customers.

Flame heaters are a simple but effective way to make people feel warm and welcome from the moment they arrive.

Mood for food

For restaurants and pubs to impress their diners, creating the right outdoor atmosphere can bring great success. There are two things to remember:

Unlike infrared heaters – which can cast a slightly artificial, orange light – a commercial gas heater’s flames cast a subtle, natural glow. This can be less distracting for your diners and allows them to focus on their meal.

Restaurants usually need to put out, rearrange and pack away their outdoor dining equipment on a daily basis, so portability is crucial.

With their anti-tilt safety mechanism and convenient set of wheels, commercial outdoor gas heaters such as our 13kW Sherpa stainless steel model can be safely rolled into position and packed away in minutes.

See your garden glow

Bustling pubs, bars and clubs that don’t heat their outdoor spaces after dark may be missing a trick. When things indoors become overcrowded, customers head out for a breather – but if it’s not comfortable outside, they can go elsewhere.

With a commercial gas patio heater like the Sherpa, your customers will have access to 12 square meters of comforting outdoor heat – and as they stay longer drinks orders continue.

Sherpa Mushroom style gas patio heater

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