Workshop Heaters and Garage Heaters

If you're looking for a workshop heater or a garage heater, you've come to the right place. At Heat Outdoors we've pioneered outdoor heating for hundreds of commercial environments. Our electric infrared technology provides a great way to heat larger warehouse or workshop environments. A workshop heater from Heat Outdoors can provide quick and efficient heat for your workplace.

Often it's not essential to heat the whole of a workshop or garage with radiant heat. As supplied by traditional radiator type electric heaters or gas central heating options. This is where short-wave infrared heaters can provide a great solution. Our carbon infrared or indeed some of our zero light long wave infrared are perfect solutions . The Shadow 2.0kW Ultra Low Glare Heater sat in a yellow protective frame is a perfect Garage Heater solution. Portable and protected from all those knocks.

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