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Shortwave Halogen lamps

Shortwave halogen heat lamps consist of a tungsten filament heated by an electric current to a temperature of approximately 2200º c. At this temperature most of the emission (95%) is in the short-wave infrared wavelength.

Halogen heat lamps contain a small amount of halogen gas which surrounds the tungsten element. The halogen reacts with the evaporating tungsten and redeposits the tungsten back onto the filament. This prevents bulb blackening and extends the lifespan of the tungsten filament. This allows halogen lamps to operate at much higher temperatures – which is why they are a particularly effective source of outdoor heat.

Halogen patio heaters heat up the instant they are switched on. The warmth is immediate and this gives short-wave patio heaters one of their main benefits. The heaters only need to be switched on at the times an area is occupied. This can save a lot of money over conventional heating systems that might require several hours to heat a space before it feels warm. When heating an outdoor space with the wrong type of heat the temperature of the space may not increase due to wind and air movement. This makes it all the more important to specify the right heaters with the correct output to have an effect. Without doing this, you could be needlessly wasting energy.

Shadow 1.5kW & 2kW Ultra Low Glare Electric Patio Heater
Shadow 1.5kW & 2kW Ultra Low Glare Electric Patio Heater
From £166.31
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  • Subtle heating experience
  • Slimline anodised aluminium body
  • Enhanced internal reflector design to project more heat
  • Also available in 3.0kW and 4kW sizes
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Shadow 3kW & 4kW Ultra Low Glare Patio Heater
Shadow 3kW & 4kW Ultra Low Glare Patio Heater
From £508.19
more info
  • Long life Ultra Low Glare infrared lamps
  • Special reflector with scientific parabolic system for top efficiency
  • Safety guard
  • Heater body in solid black or silver anodised aluminium
  • Waterproof heater – IP65 rated
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Shadow XT 2kW Bluetooth Ultra Low Glare Patio Heater
Shadow XT 2kW Bluetooth Ultra Low Glare Patio Heater
more info
  • Variable heat control from integrated switch, remote handset or Bluetooth (Apple device)
  • Long life exclusive Ultra Low Glare infrared lamp
  • Scientifically designed double parabolic reflector for massive efficiency and power
  • EasyFit fast lamp changing system
  • Heater body in solid silver anodised aluminium
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Shadow XT 3kW & 4kW Bluetooth Ultra Low Glare Patio Heater
Shadow XT 3kW & 4kW Bluetooth Ultra Low Glare Patio Heater
From £612.48
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  • Scientifically designed double parabolic reflector
  • EasyFit fast lamp changing system
  • Safety guard
  • Heater body in solid silver anodised aluminium
  • Variable heat control via remote or Bluetooth
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Shadow Diffusion Pendant Hanging Patio Heater 2kW Infrared Lamp
Shadow Diffusion Pendant Hanging Patio Heater 2kW Infrared Lamp
more info
  • Up to 2kW heat output
  • Double Circular Ultra Low Glare Clear Halogen Lamp
  • Remote Control with Low – High Heat Settings
  • Beautiful Black Anodised Coating
  • Iconic Contemporary Styling
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Halogen Lamp and Shadow

Despite almost all of the Heat Outdoors short-wave infrared heaters utilising Halogen lamp technology, there are slight differences within the ranges which are explained below:

Shadow Infrared ULG Heaters

The Shadow Ultra Low Glare heater range have been designed and manufactured with the highest-grade halogen lamps available on the UK marketplace today.

The ULG range are fundamentally designed first and foremost to reduce light output, with a gold coating added to the halogen lamps. The ULG infrared range does however have other additional benefits along with this much needed light reduction. With the largest tungsten filament, the ULG range offers the most powerful heat output within the infrared range. By incorporating this with extra-large reflectors, the ULG range offers immediate, powerful and directed heat.

The gold coating applied to achieve the light reduction and fantastic heat output, also adds an extra protective layer to each lamp too. Increasing the already incredible strength of the infrared Halogen lamp, helping to reduce onsite damage or breakages.

Shadow Fatboy Garden
Shadow ulg+ garden heaters

Shadow Infrared ULG+ Heaters

Much like it’s ULG counterpart the Ultra Low Glare Plus heaters have been designed with light output in mind, or more accurately, the reduction of light output. Gone are the days where your patio area needed to look like a flood lit football pitch to be adequately heated! The extra gold coating on the Halogen lamps will reduce light output by up to 90%. This has made the ULG+ infrared range one of the most popular to date.

Due to the sleek design of the ULG+ heater unit, the tungsten filament within this Halogen lamp will be slightly smaller than the standard ULG range, as the lamps themselves are smaller in size to fit into the smaller units.

The sleek and smaller sized reflector and outer casing, created specifically to support where heater installation space may be more limited, will make the heater slightly less hot than the standard ULG heater range.

Shadow Diffusion Range

The Shadow Diffusion range includes both Carbon lamp heaters, and Halogen lamp heaters. The technical spec on each page will detail which lamp is used.

The Diffusion Halogen lamped range offers beautifully styled heaters, which will provide comforting and reliable close range personal heat.

The Halogen lamp design within the stunning Diffusion range doesn’t have the low glare gold coating, and is slightly smaller that both the ULG and the ULG+ halogen heater lamps. This won’t offer the powerful burst of heat that ULG infrared ranges do, bu will provideremarkable close range comfortable warmth. The Diffusion heater have been created for style. What they lack in Halogen heat, they more than make up for in their show stopping aesthetics.

Diffusion Lamp

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