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Infrared Heater Types Explained

Our search for the perfect heater has led us to develop several market changing technologies that are copied throughout the industry.  The Shadow Heater was the 1st Low Glare heater in the world and now the brand new Ultra Low Glare is leading the way once again and exclusive to Heat Outdoors.

Lamp Glare is a subject which Heat Outdoors have researched extensively.  The result? Heat Outdoors now exclusively manufacture new quartz halogen lamps - Low Glare and Ultra Low Glare.

As well as offering the industry standard, Gold Lamp, the Heat Outdoors LOW GLARE and Heat Outdoors ULTRA LOW GLARE really push the boundaries in terms of heat and comfort for all of our satisfied customers. Our lamps dramatically reduce visible light output and intensity, and also, as the name suggests, reduces the lamp colour too, so delivering the heat you need, yet all with comfort and style too.

Glare comparison chart


The intensity of heat and light you experience with a gold lamp is common throughout the industry. It is a good choice for basic heaters and 'it does the job', however, the very bright light it emits can seem rather invasive. Gold lamps also tend to make all the surrounding area turn a reddish pink hue.


Developed by Heat Outdoors laboratories in 2011, LOW GLARE offers an 80% reduction in visible light output with almost no reduction in heat output. The light itself that is emitted tends to be redder than the industry standard 'Gold' lamps, however, it is not at all painful or bright even when stared directly into. LOW GLARE lamps will have very little effect on the colour and lighting of surrounding people and objects.


ULTRA LOW GLARE was launched in 2016. It is sued as standard in the Heat Outdoors Shadow range of heaters. With an amazing 90% light reduction, this exclusive Shadow lamp emits such a soft warm natural yellow glow for a comfortable and natural feeling.


ULTRA LOW GLARE PLUS is our lab's latest and the most advanced addition to our range. It is exclusive to Heat Outdoors Shadow II range of heaters. The advantages of choosing ULTRA LOW GLARE PLUS are clear for all to see. With an amazing 94% light reduction, this exclusive Heat Outdoors lamp emits such a soft warm natural yellow glow, makes your outdoor experience more comfortable and natural feeling than ever before.

Heat Outdoors are the leaders in this state of the art technology and the only retailer who design and manufacturer it. One day out competitors will, once again, follow our lead, but in the meantime, Heat Outdoors ULTRA LOW GLARE is the ultimate lamp to choose for overall comfort, warmth and performance.

Heat Outdoors, the innovators in patio heaters.

The inventors of Ultra Low Glare Infrared and Easy Fit lamps.

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Ultra Low Glare Infrared Heating Products

Shadow Fatboy 2.4kW Mega Heat Electric Patio Heater

Shadow Fatboy 2.4kW Mega Heat Electric Patio Heater

From £286.43
more info
  • Large Parabolic Reflector to focus the heat
  • Powerful 2.4kW of Heat Output
  • Remote Control Option Available
  • Wall and Stand Mountable
  • Hottest Heater within the 2kW range
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Shadow II 1.5kW & 2kW ULG+ Electric Patio Heater

Shadow II 1.5kW & 2kW ULG+ Electric Patio Heater

From £369.59
more info
  • Ultra Low Glare Plus Technology
  • Slimline Design
  • Inbuilt Variable Remote Control Option
  • IPX5 Waterproof rated (with provided cover)
  • Vertical Mounting Compatible
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Shadow 1.5kW & 2kW Ultra Low Glare Electric Patio Heater

Shadow 1.5kW & 2kW Ultra Low Glare Electric Patio Heater

From £166.31
more info
  • Subtle heating experience
  • Slimline anodised aluminium body
  • Enhanced internal reflector design to project more heat
  • Also available in 3.0kW and 4kW sizes
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Shadow Carbon 3kW Medium Wave Infrared Patio Heater

Shadow Carbon 3kW Medium Wave Infrared Patio Heater

more info
  • Six variable heater settings
  • Waterproof IPX5 rating
  • 3kW medium wave infrared heat
  • Ideal for sheltered locations
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Shadow II ULG+ Patio Heaters

ULG+ is the greatest innovation in ultra low glare lamp technology in many years. Itís by far the lowest light level short-wave infrared lamp we have ever developed. Currently Available in 1.5kW, 2kW and 3kW variants in black, silver or white. ULG+ functions with a revolutionary new level of performance for short-wave infrared. It looks absolutely incredible from the moment you switch it on.

Don't take our word for it, our customers love this new technology too!

"We have just installed a couple of Shadow II ULG+ Patio Heaters with remote control for our new covered decking. Living on the side of a Welsh Mountain means the evenings can get very chilly but despite the evening temperature dropping were able to enjoy our first BBQ and eat outdoors. Even on the lowest setting the warmth from the heaters was amazing - and so natural." Hannu Ravenol

Video Shadow II Ultra Low Glare plus Lamp

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