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Infrared heaters are least damaging to the environment.

Electric infrared heaters are clearly less damaging to the environment than gas heaters. About 40% of the heat from a gas heater goes straight up into the air. Electric infrared models aim heat at the people who use them. Steve Levy, Managing Director of Heat Outdoors says "Infrared heaters are 89% more efficient and less polluting than gas. They are waterproof and can be used inside a gazebo. Providing a sheltered area help to retain the heat better."

To enhance energy efficiency, choose a short-wave infrared lamp over a medium-wave one, says Stephen. He advises that a “good parabolic reflector” will increase the heater’s output without using extra energy. Also visitors wearing dark colours will feel warmer. Nothing reflects heat more than a shiny white puffer jacket. One infrared heater could warm up to four people seated at a rectangular table, or six at a circular table. “If you use green energy, the environmental cost is zero,” Levy says.

Video Shadow XT Infrared Heater

Video of a Shadow XT Patio Heater. A powerful infrared heater range.

Configure your Infrared Patio Heater solution

However you configure your outdoor space, we’ve got an affordable electric infrared heating solution to suit. From remote-operated, zero-light heaters for your large outdoor space, to freestanding or hanging infrared models for your gazebo. Heat Outdoors offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of infrared heaters on the market.

What’s more, we deliver all in-stock orders to UK mainland addresses the next day.* So, say goodbye to long waits and endless shopping around.

*Next weekday delivery in UK only available if ordered before 2.00p. (Excluding Northern Ireland - ask for latest information.)

Pendant Patio Heaters

Providing heat and light from above, a hanging infrared heater is ideal for a covered outdoor area The Pendant Gazebo 6kW model is a crowd-pleaser on cold and gloomy days.

Infrared Parasol Heaters

When the weatherman threatens rain, parasols alone may not be enough to keep customers happy. For maximum comfort and warmth, the Shadow 3kW Parasol Heater can be mounted in seconds. It fits most garden or centre-pole parasol system.

Infrared Wall Heater

Walls provide a safe and convenient place to attach a patio heater. The height of the wall can be used to provide the optimum heating area for your wall mounted electric patio heater.

Portable Infrared Heaters

Portable freestanding infrared heaters are easily stored and moved into position. This feature makes them our most flexible outdoor heating option.

Oscillating back and forth, the remote-controlled Guadalupa Portable Swivel Floor heater is our most versatile model. It can provide warmth to small crowds, or fit neatly under a desk to give comfort in rooms without a conventional infrared heating system.

Infrared Tower Heater

The Heat Outdoors Empire 3Kw Patio heater is a powerful infrared tower heater. Portable Infrared heaters have proved to be a popular choice. The market leading 3Kw Empire provides a superior build quality.

A business’s best friend

Infrared heaters run at a fraction of the cost of gas heaters. Compared to traditional conduction and convection heating systems they offer serious savings. That’s great news for businesses with outdoor entertainment areas such as pubs, restaurants and event spaces.

The economic benefit of infrared heaters is usually measured by reference to the size of the system you buy. For example, a typical infrared model that’s 60% smaller than a convection radiator produces the same amount of comfort.

In simple terms, an infrared heater using 600W of power could keep your customers just as comfortable as a traditional convection heater using 1kW. Therefore reducing the running cost by more than a third.

The sizzling science of infrared

Unlike traditional heating, infrared heaters offer direct and instantaneous heat. No layering-up or hand-rubbing required.

Working in a similar way to the sun, infrared heaters send infrared waves straight from their heating elements to people and objects directly in their path. Rather than warming the surrounding air (like a traditional radiator), infrared heat is enjoyed at the flick of a switch.

Because infrared heaters transmit warmth through direct waves, the heat they generate can’t be blown away by the wind. This makes them the ideal choice for outdoor environments of any size. Suitable for garden patios, conservatories and large open-air locations, such as food markets and outdoor festivals.

More science on the Infrared light is shown in our article Is Infrared Harmful or Therapeutic?

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