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How do Infrared Heaters Work?

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Infrared heaters work in the same way as rays from the sun, by emitting harmless infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the people, objects and surfaces in their line-of-sight. Infrared technology is completely safe. It is the same wavelength that our bodies naturally absorb and emit. As humans, we are radiant objects, and more than 60% of our sense of comfort is determined by our radiant heat gain or loss. This is in contrast to only 15% being affected by air temperature and movement.

When it comes to heating up your outdoor space, shortwave infrared heating is a great option to keep you warm and cosy even on the coldest days. Shortwave infrared heat is particularly efficient for outdoor heating as it penetrates the air and heats objects, like people, directly. Unlike medium or longwave infrared heat, which can be affected by wind and other weather conditions, shortwave infrared heat provides heat directly to any surfaces in its path.

Infrared heaters are perfect for outdoor use because they can quickly heat up large areas such as patios, decks, and outdoor dining areas. They are easy to install and use and work well even in windy conditions. Additionally, they are energy-efficient and cost-effective, which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor heating.

In summary, shortwave infrared heat is better for outdoor heating because it can penetrate the air and provide heat directly to objects and surfaces, works quickly, and is energy-efficient and cost-effective. By utilizing infrared technology to warm up outdoor spaces, we can ensure that we are heating up the objects and surfaces directly, creating thermal mass, and retaining warmth even after the heater is turned off. This leads to a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience, no matter the weather conditions.

Infrared Heaters are also very effective in difficult to heat industrial premises such as factories and warehouses where heat can be efficiently directed into specific areas where people are working and heat is needed.

Try out shortwave infrared heating today and enjoy a warm and cosy outdoor space!

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