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Shadow XT Bluetooth Patio Heaters form the centre of a perfect patio heater set up. Heat Outdoors were proud to introduce the Shadow XT Bluetooth Patio Heater range as the worlds first and only fully BLUETOOTH controlled outdoors heater. Heat Outdoors introduced it's own app that could be downloaded on any iOS device and gives you full control over your heater(s) power settings including an on-board timer. As Part of our on-going commitment towards the advancement of more environmentally beneficial products, we have now developed an exclusive Bluetooth Application to give Shadow XT users complete control over every heater – FULL POWER or OFF is no longer the only option!!

  • Variable heat control from either, integrated switch, remote handset or Bluetooth (Apple device)
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth timer option
  • Long life exclusive Ultra Low Glare infrared lamp with 5,000 to 7,000 hours life.
  • Equipped with 1.5m of electrical cable and moulded 13 Amp plug
  • Scientifically designed double parabolic reflector for massive efficiency and power
  • EasyFit fast lamp changing system
  • Safety guard
  • Heater body in solid silver anodised aluminium
  • If mounted facing straight down, these heater need to be in a well ventilated area and at least 0.5M away from any ceiling or other obstructions to the airflow above them.  This is especially relevant to heaters that are suspended on chains and wires.