Why Eating Outdoors is Best

Why Eating Outdoors is Best

Imagine tucking into an enormous newspaper parcel of cod and chips, the tantalising aroma drifting up towards your nostrils and making your mouth water. You have a sublime view of the glorious Sussex coast; you can hear the waves crashing against the pebbles and you can feel the fresh coastal breeze tickle your goose-bumped skin. Perfection. Except you are being dive-bombed by food-envious seagulls who are trying to pinch a fat chip or two from your lap. Splat. Oh brilliant, you’ve been shat on. Splat. And so have your chips.

This is perhaps one of the lesser experiences of alfresco dining you could experience, but it is usually very enjoyable- despite the wind, wasps and wonky picnic benches. One reason why eating outdoors beats eating indoors, especially during the summer months, is that a simple meal can be turned into a lavish yet simple affair. Simply scatter a garden table with knives and forks, pop some freshly picked flowers in a vase and place your summery salad in the centre et voilà! You’ve scored top marks for presentation without spending a day slaving away after some ridiculous dish you hadn’t even heard of before promising to host this dinner party.

However, the success of your alfresco dining experience does all depend on the mood of the infamous English weather- but as long as you manage to pin down that one fine July day, you’ll be fine! Whether it’s a romantic picnic for two or an ‘all hands on deck’ BBQ for the whole family and in-laws too (pass the Pimms), eating outdoors always gives a carefree, relaxed atmosphere.

This could partly be due to the fact that there is minimal cleaning up to do; if dear little Jessica’s Barbie doll happens to take a tumble and knock her pink plastic cup of pink lemonade flying, then the neatly mowed lawn will cushion its fall and all traces of the spillage will be known to no one. Similarly, if the whole plate of Veggie Tracy’s veggie sausages is ‘accidently’ thrown to the ground, all it takes is one quick “Baxter!” and the dog will happily bound over and clean up the delicious mess.

Another obvious bonus of dining outside is the sunshine. Being able to eat your breakfast in the soft morning sun is a great way to start you day, as you benefit from the fresh air and uplifting birdsongs around you, putting you in a better mood already! And, seeing as we spend 10 months of the year huddled around hot cups of tea, unable to move from the dozens of layers of clothing, what better excuse to embrace the great outdoors is there? Not to mention that you will actually be benefitting from the sun’s rays, making you look good as you eat- no more feeling guilty about tucking into your third cornetto!

But, as we all know, the warmth of the sunshine is not always available, however the warmth of new incredibly efficient infrared heaters is almost as good. These heaters are designed to heat up bodies with a lower temperature, meaning that energy is not wasted when the air around them is heated up. Therefore, thanks to them, even if the sun has retreated behind clouds, your alfresco dining experience can continue into the balmy hours of the evening.