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Fire Pits, Chimeneas & Garden Heating

Fire Pits, Chimeneas & Garden Heating

Are you bewitched by flames and fire? You’re not alone.

“The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness.” — Henry David Thoreau

When it comes to a flickering golden flame dancing in the cool night air, we’re every bit as enchanted as you are. There’s just something eternal about a fire pit.

Taking the decision to add a fire pit to the garden is one of the smartest ways to extend the wonderful time you get to spend outdoors. It’s a fantastic way to make evenings last longer, and an outdoor fire pit can be great for roasting chestnuts or toasting marshmallows with the kids.

Or, perhaps, just sitting around and chatting with a few friends. The ambiance of the dancing flames captures everyone’s spirit of adventure - and can turn a boring sit around the garden into something much more memorable.

The concept of an outside fire pit has been a part of human life for as long as we’ve been social beings. This is why, millennia later, we’re still utterly mesmerised by fire! An outdoor fire pit is a symbol for social activity, coming together and enjoying life to the full.

Or as we like to say: “Stay warm, stay happy and stay stylish with the Heat Outdoors fire pit range.”

Our outdoor gas fire pit collection features a selection of attractive styles that will help your garden feel cosy year-round. We use the latest, authentic-feeling, stone-based composite materials, and all of our flames can be adjusted to meet the mood of the evening.

Our firepits create an unbeatable focal point around which to relax and unwind - so whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, extend your evenings long into the dark, making magical memories in the process.

Fire Pit and grill
RedFire Fire Pit Tervo Metal Square 80 cm

RedFire Fire Pit Tervo Metal Square 80 cm

more info
  • Firepit Tervo 80 cm diameter
  • Steel thickness: 2 mm
  • Untreated steel for an industrial look
  • Graceful combination of powerful lines and triangle shape
  • Low height ideal for the lower body
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RedFire Matanzas firepit plancha with wood storage

RedFire Matanzas firepit plancha with wood storage

more info
  • Sleek and robust design
  • Enameled cast iron plancha ring and wood storage
  • Steel, black powder coated fire bowl
  • Plancha ring: 60 cm diameter and 3.8 mm thickness
  • Size: 60 x 72 x 68 cm
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RedFire Palau BBQ Plancha Grill

RedFire Palau BBQ Plancha Grill

more info
  • Cast iron plancha grill ring
  • Heat resistant black powder coated steel
  • 14 kg cooking ring: 3,8mm
  • Size: 60 x 72 x 68cm
  • Multifunctional
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RedFire Fire Basket Amarillo

RedFire Fire Basket Amarillo

more info
  • Premium Fire Basket Amarillo
  • Black coated metal
  • With see through mesh body.
  • Easy to assemble
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Buffalo Firepit with Woodstorage

Buffalo Firepit with Woodstorage

more info
  • Buffalo Firepit with wood storage
  • Sleekly finished round design
  • Spacious opening at the top to refill wood
  • Wood storage included
  • Nice open view in the flames
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RedFire Fireplace New York

RedFire Fireplace New York

more info
  • Black heat-resistant powder coating
  • 1 mm steel
  • Nice compact design
  • Chimney for optimal smoke extraction
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RedFire Chimenea Napa

RedFire Chimenea Napa

more info
  • RedFire Napa wood burning Fireplace
  • Black heat-resistant powder coating
  • Unique hole design
  • Ideal for any garden
  • Chimney for optimal smoke extraction
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RedFire Fire Pit Atlanta

RedFire Fire Pit Atlanta

more info
  • Timeless design suitable for any garden
  • Attractive focal point to gather around
  • Heat-resistant black powder coated steel
  • Mesh lid to stops sparks
  • Easy to clean
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Propane Gas Bottle Cover

Propane Gas Bottle Cover

more info
  • Gas bottle cover for Green or Red 11-13kg Propane gas bottles
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Outdoor fire pits

When you buy an outdoor fire pit from Heat Outdoors, you can start enjoying it the day it arrives. Just add gas for instant heat at the touch of a button - bringing warmth, atmosphere and ambiance to your garden for many years to come.

Outdoor gas fire pits offer a unique centrepiece for your favourite outdoor space. Our Umbra Gas fire pits are some of the most stylish on the market. Not sure which one is right for you? Our team is here to offer expert advice whenever you need us.

Why buy from our range of firepits and accessories?

Outdoor flames and fire have become synonymous with good times and memorable social gatherings. By extending evening soirees and adding an extra ‘cool’ factor to your parties, you can make that glass of bubbly with your friends all the more special.

All of our fire pits are both stylish and impeccably crafted - and are, perhaps, just the thing to accompany one of our Omica Gas Pizza Ovens, too.

Affordability and functionality

When you decide to put one or more of our attractive firepits in your garden (be that private or a communal garden) or other outdoor area, you can rest assured that you’ll have heat the second you need it.

Once you’ve chosen your spot, the only other thing to consider is how long you want to run your fire pit - the cost to run it is only as much as the gas that you use up. A gas fire pit can be used for several hours and only cost a pound or two.

The products on this page are designed to help you create the warm, candescent feel of a campfire within the comfort of your own garden. We have propane gas fire pits, fire bowls and log candles - as well as barbecue / BBQ grills and outdoor accessories of all shapes and sizes.

Outdoor fire place

Important Safety Tips for Garden Fire Pits

Before using your outdoor heater, ensure it's in a safe location and well away from all combustible materials. We have pulled together some additional tips on how to make the most of your fire pit safely.

  • Ensure nothing is hanging nearby that could catch fire.
  • If using a wood-burning fire pit, only burn properly-seasoned wood.
  • Position the outdoor fire pit on your garden patio so that there is plenty of room to move around it safely.
  • Make sure open fires are not too close to your property, sheds/summer houses, grass, trees, plants or shrubs.
  • Don't use a fire pit under an awning, gazebo or other covered area.
  • Check the wind direction before lighting to make sure any smoke do not impact guests or neighbours.
  • Have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water/sand nearby in case of an emergency.
  • It is very important to keep children and animals away from the fire pit, especially if they are unsupervised.
  • Ensure that the fire is completely extinguished when you have finished with it.
  • You may need to protect the surface underneath the fire pit (unless it is a gas fire pit or it has long legs). Remember the ash can stain your patio if it is not protected.
Modern outdoor fire place

Have you seen our amazing Swedish log candles?

They’re like mini fire-pits whenever you need one!

Heat Outdoors' real log candles have been designed to give out a pure, ambient light, which helps you to create a great atmosphere whenever the mood takes you.

These long-lasting candles, also known as Swedish fire logs, can really transform evening events such as outdoor parties/gatherings and BBQs with their natural appearance and atmospheric glow.

They can also be used inside the home when placed in your fireside or log burner for the ultimate cosy night in. They make great gifts, too.

Stock up on these amazing candles today!

Video Sweedish fire log

Video of a Sweedish Fire Log.


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