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New for 2019 at Heat Outdoors the Shadow Diffusion range offers unprecedented style alongside the powerful ultra-low glare functionality which is synonymous with the brand. Stylish and perfectly suited for the ambience at home yet delivering durability and performance which is adept for a commercial setting too.

The range features four key products, the Shadow Diffusion Floor Lamp patio heater, the Shadow Diffusion Shade Lamp patio heater, the Shadow Diffusion Hanging Lamp patio heater and the Shadow Diffusion Table-top patio heater. Each combines practicality, style and function to offer a completely new offering of outdoor infrared electric heaters.

Free-standing Patio Heaters

Two heaters which offer an incredible iconic look or a modern spin on outdoor patio heating.

Both equiped with a sturdy heavy duty base, dual circular ultra low glare lamps with pyramid cone reflector. Ideal perfect projection of the short-wave infrared heat they emit.

Shadow Diffusion floor lamp

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Floor Lamp Patio Heater

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Diffusion Shade Lamp

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Shade Lamp Patio Heater

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Diffusion Hanging lamp

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Hanging Patio Heater

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Table-top Patio Heater

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Shadow Diffusion Lamp slider

Dual Circular Carbon Lamp Technology
Gives out awesome ultra low glare infrared heat

Pyramid Cone Reflector
Distributes the heat more evenly than ever

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Shadow Diffusion Freestanding Patio Heater

The Shadow Diffusion range is brand new and we're excited to launch it. It offers extremely stylish outdoor patio heating for the home without compromising on the professional quality the Shadow brand is renowned for. The latest technology in an iconic form, that's what Shadow Diffusion is all about.

This heater puts a stylish modern twist on the free standing patio heater. It combines the incredible double circular ultra low glare carbon lamp technology from the Shadow Diffusion Floor Lamp patio heater and instead surrounds it with a premium quality fabric shade. We’ve used the same anodised black finish across the Shadow Diffusion products and you won’t be disappointed.

Video Shadow Diffusion Free Standing heater

Shadow Diffusion Free Standing Heater. An elegent heating solution for indoors or outside.