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There are many benefits to spending time outside in the open air, particularly when itís warm and your family and friends are all together. There are benefits to health, such as reducing heart rate, blood pressure and stress. As well as benefits to your general wellbeing; improving attention, concentration and memory.

We spend such a large portion of our lives indoors. Itís no wonder so many of us are suffering from increased stress levels and ailments linked to Vitamin D deficiency.

So what can you do when the sun is shining, your family and friends are gathered on the patio. The beer and the Prosecco are in full flow. But youíre all fed up with the staple of outdoor British dining; the barbecue?

Before we look at how you can get involved and experience the latest outdoor dining craze. It is sweeping the nation, (and rightly so) let us look at a few facts.

To start with, everybody loves a slice of delicious pizza. The versatile cheesy dish has been around for a thousand years or more. They have graced many a family gathering the world over.

Furthermore, an outdoor pizza party need not be a fancy, expensive or elaborate. They are great fun for all the family. The kids love outdoor cooking and getting involved kneading dough and adding toppings.

Omica Pizza Oven

Omica Pizza Oven

£358.80 inc. VAT
£299.00 + VAT
Product Features:
12" Ceramic Pizza Plate
Heats to 500 degrees C for fast cooking times
Special U Shaped Gas Burner for more even cooking
Stylish Black stainless steel dome
£358.80 inc. VAT
£299.00 + VAT
Amica pizza ovens and grill new for 2022

Omica Gas Pizza Oven

Creating homemade 12-inch pizza is a notoriously tricky. It's almost impossible to compete with the authentic Italian restaurants. They have perfected the pizza dough recipes and use very powerful ovens. Unless that is, you have your own a gas fired pizza oven which are so much easier to use than a wood fired pizza oven.

The Omica gas pizza oven will provide you with reliable & repeatable results every time. By cooking at a very high temperature you will enjoy perfectly cooked pizza with a crispy bottom, time after time. At over 500℃ your pizza will cook rapidly, typically in under two minutes.

The Omica portable pizza oven will suit most gardens or patio areas. The lack of smoke from the gas oven will enable it to be used in the smallest of outdoor spaces.

Video Omica Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Market leading U shaped gas burner

The U shaped gas burner in the Omica is specially designed to reduce the amount of turning required whilst maintaining a temperature of over 500℃. It is important to look for a good 12″ pizza peel to get your pizza in and out of the oven. Turn your pizza at least once whilst cooking as the oven is hotter at the back, so that edge will cook faster than the others.

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Omica Pizza Oven with pizza cooking
Omica pizza oven cover

Omica gas BBQ grill

The Omica BBQ grill is designed for a serious griller. You might think no tabletop grill can possibly take the place of a full-size barbecue. Barbecuing with the lid down traps all the heat and helps add a lovely smoky flavour infused into your food.

Try experimenting with grilling with wood chips for added flavour. The easiest method is to wrap your wood chips loosely in aluminum foil. Create a small pouch with a few holes at the top and get it started before you add your food. Place the foil pouch directly on the grill grate above a burner. It will probbaly take 15 minutes for it to start smoking through the holes. Remove the smoker halfway through the cooking process.

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cooking with Omica BBQ Grill
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