Shadow Heaters

Shadow Patio Heaters are market leaders in the electric patio heater field thanks to the patented EasyFit™ lamp technology that is featured across the entire range. Shadow Heaters also feature unique Ultra Low Glare lamps which really push the boundaries of non invasive outdoor heating by giving off just a very soft gold glow rather than the glaring light that can come from standard gold lamps used by many patio heaters as standard in the industry. The Ultra Low Glare lamps that are featured on the Shadow Patio Heater range offer an amazing 90% reduction in light output compared to standard patio heater lamps. 

Shadow Heaters are suited to both indoor and outdoor use due to the discreet nature of the units and the lamps within them. We have a wide variety of happy customers that all utilise our heaters in a number of ways so you should know that when purchasing a Shadow patio heater from Heat Outdoors they will suit almost any environment. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff on 01279 466500 and they will be more than happy to guide you in purchasing the perfect patio heater for your needs.

The Shadow FatBoy Double is the most powerful electric patio heater in its class.

The Heat, The Whole Heat & Nothing But The Heat. The most powerful commercial electric patio heater ever produced! The Shadow FatBoy Double features an extra large parabolic reflector that makes the 4.8kW heat output feel hotter than any patio heater we have ever come across, it really has to be felt to be believed!

When you need maximum heat the FatBoy Double is the answer and its amazing power can be used to allow it to be mounted up to 6.0M high and still give an impressive performance for those sat underneath it. The Shadow FatBoy Double Patio Heater is the perfect for larger spaces. The infrared heat provided by short wave lamps heat objects rather than the air so it isn't a problem if the wind is blowing as the stunning heat performance will not be lost

Video Shadow FatBoy 4.8kW heater

Video Shadow FatBoy 4.8kW heater.