Commercial Electric Patio Heaters

Instant atmosphere – anywhere

Unlike gas heating appliances – which can only be used outside – a commercial electric heater is perfectly safe to use indoors or in a covered outdoor area like a gazebo or marquee.

Since electric models use direct infrared instead of a naked flame, users will feel the benefit instantly. This is because infrared energy is only converted to heat when it touches something solid, meaning it can travel at the speed of light rather than being carried by the air.

The 3kW -4kW Shadow XT is a high quality, powerful commercial heater with bluetooth control to adjust heat settings quickly.

Video Shadow XT Commercial Heater

Affordable comfort

Because a commercial electric heater doesn’t transmit heat through the air particles, the warmth it generates is never affected by wind or ventilation. You don’t pay for energy that (literally) goes out of the window.

Perhaps more surprisingly, infrared heaters produce an equivalent amount of heat to conventional gas appliances while using around 60% less energy. They’re a more economical choice for all-day outdoor heating.


For businesses or organisations in the public eye, going green is seen as a big advantage.

The environmentally friendly choice, electric commercial patio heaters don’t rely on LPG or other fossil fuels. Because they consume less energy overall than gas appliances, they’re also kinder to your wallet.

Which commercial electric heater will suit my business?

Although they all operate in a similar way, some electric commercial patio heaters are better equipped for certain kinds of space.

Read on and discover how to choose the right construction, shape and category of heat lamp for your environment.

Compact balconies and courtyards

For enterprises in large, complex developments – hotels and shopping centres especially – getting heat to the right locations can be a challenge.

In luxury hotels, providing on-demand warmth to guest balconies and public terraces isn’t simply a choice – guests expect it. Because balconies are such intimate spaces, it’s sensible to invest in a set of smaller, less intense patio heaters such as the 1.5kW Shadow XT.

Equipped with Bluetooth control and a short-wave, ultra low glare heat lamp, the Shadow XT is an affordable luxury model that can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone. Providing instant, unobtrusive warmth, it’s in-keeping with high-end environments.

Wide open spaces

Large, exposed spaces such as food markets and roof terraces are some of the most difficult environments to keep warm, so we usually recommend commercial infrared heaters for these spaces.

Using direct, electromagnetic wave energy, electric heaters aren’t affected by the wind. As long as your guests stay in range of a heat lamp, they’ll remain nice and toasty in any weather conditions.

Designed especially for outdoor bar areas, the graceful Solmagic Sundowner is a stylish heater that doubles as a table – a great place for your guests to hang out, bask in comfort and soak up the scene.

Warehouses, arenas and indoor events

When you need to heat a gigantic space such as a football stadium or cavernous warehouse, it’s time to bring out the big boys.

Developed with commercial and industrial environments in mind, the Tansun Apollo K2 electric heater is a reliable and efficient high-performance model.

Equipped with 5,000-hour infrared lamps – that’s more than 6 months of skin-tingling heat per lamp – the Apollo K2 is incredibly low-maintenance. The less time spent up a ladder, the better!

If your space is simply huge, the Tansun Apollo F2 may be the perfect solution. Perfectly capable of heating from more than 10 feet above the ground, it’s the biggest commercial electric heater we offer. With up to 18kW of heat, it’s also the most powerful.

Such powerful heating solutions are one of the reasons Wembley Stadium, Chelsea FC and The O2 trust us to keep their guests warm.

Outdoor dining spots

Outdoor dining areas and restaurant terraces are a focal point for businesses lucky enough to have them. They’re usually the first thing potential customers see, so they need to look stylish, comfortable and enticing.

Designed to be discreet, the Tansun Eclipse Quad heater produces absolutely no artificial glare and its slim design ensures it remains inconspicuous.

Thanks to its ceramic heating components, the Eclipse delivers medium-wave heat, which makes it less obtrusive than a standard, short-wave infrared heater. Even better, the Eclipse converts 96% of its energy into medium-wave heat… so you get discretion without any loss of comfort.

Family areas

All of our commercial outdoor electric heaters are perfectly safe, and none more so than the IMUS ECO. 100% child-friendly, its patented structure means it can even be touched during use without causing any harm whatsoever.

Plus, it’s small enough to fit under a table. The IMUS ECO keeps parents and little ones warm, without imposing on space.

Garage Heaters

All of our commercial outdoor electric heaters are perfectly suited for use in a garage. The Shadow Garage heater and supporting frame is a great robust and portable solution.

The shortwave infrared heat provides instant heat in garages and similar large drafty spaces.