2012 Olympic Champion, Peter Charles uses Low Glare Heating with 'Nevada'

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Low Glare Infrared Actually Benefits My Horses

The health and therapeutic benefits of infrared heat have long been recognised in both the human and veterinarian worlds, however, until recent advances in heat lamp technology, users have had to put up with massively cumbersome equipment that was largely ineffective, expensive to buy and in many instances actually scared the horses they were intended to help.

2012 Olympic Gold Medal winner Peter Charles had exactly this problem. Some of his award winning horses were so scared of walking under the oppressive looking infrared heating gantry that any potential benefits were massively outweighed by the physiological trauma to the unfortunate horses. It was at this point just after winning his Olympic Gold that he contacted Heat Outdoors and installed their market leading Low Glare Equestrian Solution.

The Setup

- 2 x Heat Outdoors Shadow Heaters, Hanging (per stable)
- 1 x Heat Outdoors Heater Controller
- 1 x Remote Control

Peter Charles Infrared Heating Setup

“The sense of well-being my horses experience when hugged by the warmth of infrared heat is evident in their performance”


It takes “Only 10 minutes from full shampoo and wash to completely dry. I use different settings on the heater control panel with 10 - for drying, 6 - for clipping and 3 - for general maintenance work with my horses. I find this not only warms and dries them, but also has a very soothing cathartic effect.”

“The installation was really quick and simple and I have been really impressed with the friendly advice always on hand from the expert team at Heat Outdoors”.

Featured above with Peter is Nevada. Nevada is a 16 2, 11 year old chestnut Selle Francaise Superleague show jumper that has represented the UK 6 times in international competition and “almost” went to the 2012 Olympics.

Peter Charles Recommends Equestrian Pack 'E'

For Peter’s needs, Equestrian Pack ‘E’ suited best as his washing area is quite large and it allows for a great deal of heat and therefore the heaters can be positioned slightly further apart. Another important consideration was that only one side wall was present, meaning that a solution that hung from the ceiling would work the best.

The Low Glare lamps are clearly something Peter’s horses enjoy and readily move towards. They are comfortable and visibly relax in the warm dim glow. “Having tried several other infrared systems, I can categorically state that Heat Outdoors’ Shadow Low Glare heaters are the best I have ever seen or used. My horses love them” Peter Charles - Feb 2013

Full remote control enables fine tuning of the heat intensity whilst working with the horses and without having to leave the stall.

Peter Charles Stable Diagram