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Heater and Lamp Maintenance

General heater maintenance

Caution: Infrared heaters can become hot whilst they are being used, you should not attempt to clean your heater or lamp whilst it is switched on. Wait at least 20 mins after use or allow it to cool completely before starting any maintenance or cleaning process.

All the electric infrared heaters we supply are designed to be resilient to most outdoor conditions. However, any foreign object ie. dirt or dust which can collect on the surface of the lamp or heater is highly likely to cause damage over time if it is not sufficiently cleaned.

You may think that where you have installed your heater is unlikely to have an impact on the wear of the unit but it's important to consider a regular maintenance routine to keep it in 'like new' condition and prolong the life of the lamp.

There are instances where heaters placed beneath guttering, in salty air environments, susceptible to animal interference or other instances common with the great outdoors can increase the potential for debris to become attached on the outside and sometimes to the lamp within the heater. Before turning your unit on, especially if it has been unused for any length of time, check the lamp thoroughly and where necessary perform a routine cleaning procedure to ensure your heater continues to function perfectly for as long as possible.

Although our heaters can withstand hostile outdoors conditions, they will, over time, prematurely damage the surface protection of the heater and reduce the lifespan of the lamp inside.

Cleaning your heater can be done by using a damp cloth. DO NOT use detergent or cleaning fluids as they can cause damage to heater, the lamp coating & the surface of the reflector inside the unit. Heater failure can be caused by a small amount of dirt, residue or grime in some instances.

Take care to ensure your heater cable is in good order. This is especially true if you have installed the heater using your own cabling rather than the cable supplied with your heater from the factory, cable can perish over time in strong sunlight. Any cracking or damaged cable should be replaced immediately.

A polished, dust free reflector, will produce significantly more heat than a one which has a soiled or reflective surface due to dirt or dust. During your cleaning process, ensure the reflector within the heater and behind the lamp itself is kept free or dirt or grime for optimum performance. Similarly, a clean lamp will also produce more heat and less prone to failure if kept clean.

General Lamp Maintenance

Infrared heater lamps become incredibly hot and are highly sensitive to external interference from substances such as grease, dirt, animal interference, salt from the air or water and even cigarette smoke. Most of our heaters have a waterproof rating (IP) which protects the functioning electronic parts of the unit and lamp while it is installed in an outside environment from water and the elements. Build up of residue or dirt on the lamp itself can cause damage and impact the lifespan of the lamp if it is not cleaned from before use.

Cleaning your lamp can be done by using a damp cloth. DO NOT use detergent or cleaning fluids as they can cause damage to heater, the lamp coating & the surface of the reflector inside the unit. Lamp failure can be caused by a small amount of dirt, residue or grime in some instances, take care to clear the surface of the lamp before use to ensure it performs as expected.

The lamp in your heater is a high performance, finely crafted and delicately manufactured item. It should always be treated with the utmost care, and due to a lamp's sensitivity to the environment it may be installed in, they are not covered under the standard warranty conditions, or guarantees attached to our heaters, as displayed on our product pages.

This is not to say they are not the ultimate and long lasting infrared heating lamps available. We pride ourselves on delivery the very best in infrared technology throughout the UK.

Unusual conditions


Heat lamps are designed to operate within normal temperature ranges, and if mounted in ‘dead’ air where there is little or no air movement, they can overheat and fail.

Signs of lamp failure

  • The loss of the gold coating, revealing the rust red undercoat on the lamp.
  • Another overheating sign is the heater surface itself changing color.
  • Very bright white spots appearing on the lamp when it is turned on.

Food & Cooking

Small amounts of grease or oil can cause a lamp to fail, if placed for under or near to a BBQ or other type of cooking area, small fat splashes or food deposits can cause failures. Fat/food splash failure is often identified as one or more very bright white spots appearing on the lamp when it is turned on.


Salty air and water can be detrimental to the lifespan of any metal products designed to be used in an outdoor environment. We can specify appropriate heaters (please call us to discuss which are most appropriate) in salty air or seaside settings which produce particularly corrosive environments for your heater. Heaters installed in this type of environment often still require special maintenance to prevent the salt in the air drying onto the lamp or reflector. With the correct heater installed, simply using a low pressure hose pipe to wash away excess salt is enough to prevent most problems, followed by a regular wipe and drying procedure with a damp lint free cloth. The frequency of this procedure needs to be assessed locally by the user as it is highly dependent upon the elevation to the sea, density of salty air and prevailing wind conditions, as well as humidity.

Lamp Guarantees

Due to the sensitivity of the lamps in operation we do not and cannot guarantee the longevity of any lamp. All lamps are tested prior to dispatch, and we encourage you to plug in your heater as soon as possible to ensure that it has arrived with you in good operational condition. Lamps are sensitive, and a dropped or lent on box will probably cause damage to the contents inside!

Once installed and during normal operation, the halogen lamps we use should provide you with 5000-7000 hours of happy use; however, before each use customers should take care to store the heater safely with adequate cover and protection or suitable cleaning before it is switched on.

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