Patio Heater Stands and Spare Parts

Experience the versatility of your heater with our range of patio heater stands and outdoor heater accessories

Adjust the ambiance with outdoor heater accessories

Whether youíre running a business or heating the patio at home, we want you to reap the full benefits of your outdoor heaters.

Our handy range of stands, controllers, brackets and sockets make it easy for you to modify the comfort you experience from your new appliance and to suit your specific outdoor location.

Whether youíre devising a suite of outdoor heating units for commercial use, or you simply want to get more out of your personal heater, youíll discover a diverse selection of patio heater accessories right here.

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Shadow Freestanding Patio Heater Stands

Shadow Freestanding Patio Heater Stands

From £107.99 inc. VAT
From £89.99 + VAT
Product Features:
Stainless Steel/Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel
Heavy duty solid base
Weather resistant
One year warranty
From £107.99 inc. VAT
From £89.99 + VAT
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Head out on a high

Turn up the fun factor as you warm things up with one, two or a few of our wall-mounted infrared patio heaters.

However, if youíre running a pop-up events business or you need additional flexibility over where you position your heaters, mounting them on the wall may not be so appealing. Thatís where a patio heater stand could help.

Compatible with nearly all of our wall heaters, our Telescopic and Stainless Steel stands are easily transported and offer an elevated, highly stable vantage point for your device.

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The Tilt stand used with your infrared patio heater.

Our stainless steel patio heater stand

Coming in neat, tubular sections, this stand is designed to screw together and be deconstructed before and after an event.

The standís integral cable management system makes it one of our safest outdoor heater accessories. By keeping electric wiring protected and out of sight, you can avoid wires becoming tangled or posing any kind of trip hazard.

Our telescopic outdoor heater stand

Gain more control over the amount of heat your guests feel with our extendable, black powder coated stand.

With its weighted base and centralised telescopic pole, your device can be raised and lowered easily, and remains perfectly stable in windy conditions. Unlike tripod-mounted heaters, itís also very difficult for people to trip over.

With a rugged, scratch-proof powder coating, you can use it as an outdoor heater stand without it becoming corroded by wet weather.

Controllers and other patio heater accessories

Controlling your outdoor heaters isnít merely a case of switching them on and off. We offer some smart accessories which increase your level of control, extend the life of your device and save you money.

Browse our innovative selection of controllers, receivers and other accessories and adapt the way you use your heating devices.

Extend the life of your heater

Our infrared patio heater lamps are incredibly long-lasting, but to ensure you donít spend more than you have to on spare parts we recommend the 6kW Soft Start Controller.

Compatible with one or more electric heaters (up to a total output of 6kW), the Soft Start device causes the heat lamps to warm up over a period of 1Ė2 seconds. Used over time, this extends their life by up to 30%.

Apply that to one of our Shadow Ultra Low Glare heaters, and you get approximately 2,100 extra hours of heat from your device Ė without buying any replacements!

Control multiple heating zones

What if you could control the temperature in five different areas simultaneously from one device? The Burda Multi Zone Controller allows you to do just that, and all at the touch of a button.

Compatible with Burda heaters such as the TERM Tower Palm, this controller can be programmed to activate and vary the temperature of an unlimited number of heaters in up to five separate zones.

Save on your energy bills

Controlling the amount of outdoor heat you use in certain areas is a brilliant way to save energy and keep tabs on commercial overheads.

Our Heater Time Lag Controller was designed for spaces such as smoking areas, which are sporadically busy and donít require a constant source of warmth.

Fully waterproof, the Time Lag Controller will keep your heater on for a predetermined time period of up to 40 minutes. It will limit your energy consumption, and youíll never need to remember to switch the unit off at the end of the night.

Control any heater through your phone

Use your smartphone or tablet device to control your heaters from any location with the Heat Outdoors Bluetooth Control Box.

Enabling you to tailor your environment on the go, this control box allows you to connect to individual devices or multiple patio heater systems. You can then control their output via the Heat Outdoors app (compatible with Apple iOS or Android).

For total flexibility, you also have the option of using a separate remote control or a manual switch to control your heaters if you wish.

Fitted with a soft-starter, this accessory prevents power from surging to electric patio heaters when you switch them on. By starting appliances more gently, this mechanism will extend the life of the heat lamps by up to 30%.

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