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Can I use my patio heater indoors?

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Can I use my patio heater indoors?

A question we are often asked is are infrared heaters safe indoors? - All electric infrared patio heaters can be used indoors and are an excellent way to provide instant heat at the touch of a button

Electric Infrared Heaters

Our Range of Electric Indoor heaters produce a subtle, enjoyable and controllable level of heat that allows you to heat those tricky to heat indoor areas. Always keep the patio heater housing at least 30cm away from any surfaces and for some surfaces the safe distance may exceed this. Check with the manufacturer for full details.

Gas Patio Heaters

All gas patio heaters are for outdoor use only and should not be used in a building, garage or any other enclosed area.

  • Do not use the gas heater indoors or in an enclosed area. Always ensure that adequate air ventilation is provided.
  • Do not use the gas heater in a basement or below ground level.
  • Gas heaters should only be used in an above ground open-air environment with natural ventilation, where gas leakage or fumes are dispersed.

Within a partial enclosure that includes an overhead cover and more than two walls, the following shall apply:

  • At least 25% of the total wall area and ideally 50% is completely open and unrestricted.
  • If being used on a balcony area, at least 20% of the total wall area should remain open and unrestricted.

Within an area which includes an overhead cover the following shall apply:

  • Consult the manufactures of the ceiling material to ensure that it can withstand the heat emitted from a gas patio heater
  • Ensure there is a good flow of air around the heater head and the reflector is always further away from the roofing material than recommended by its manufacturer.
  • Given the above variables it is difficult for us to give general guidance on this question.
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