Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters provide a safe and convenient way to heat any patio, garden or outdoor area when you are looking to extend the time you spend outside. By only selling weatherproof heaters all our electric patio heaters are safe to be used in any climate, from torrential rain to snow and more. 

Heat Outdoors has an outstanding track record in providing world-class customer service, low prices and all the aftermarket care you could need for your electric heater. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you with any enquiries and help find the right electric patio heater for you.

Our electric patio heaters, from leading brands such as Shadow, Tansun and Burda are some of the most energy efficient electric patio heaters with superb heat output and excellent build quality.

Outdoor electric heaters that are mounted within a parasols have less need to be fully waterproof, however, dependent upon circumstances and the situation, might be subjected to morning dew or winter frosts and for this reason IP rated weatherproof parasol heating solutions have become significantly more popular. Wall mounted outdoor electric patio heaters almost always need to have an IP rating of IPX4 or above and you will find many options available. Burda produce the very popular and sexy 2kW aluminum Term 2000 that is now IP67 rated and have just launched their new IP24 Term 2000 with a unique 'Low glare' infrared lamp.

Waterproof electric patio heaters come with an IP classification that is required by electricians in order for them to be able to install compliant with UK 'Part P' electrical installation regulations.

IP Ratings

  • IPx4- "Protected against water sprayed from all directions".
  • IPx5- "Protected against low pressure jets of water sprayed from all directions".
  • IPx7 - "Protected against the effects of immersion between 1cm and 15cm".