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Why buy from our extensive range of electric outdoor heaters?

From electric wall heaters to hanging pendant heating solutions, Heat Outdoors are proud to offer a broad and competitively priced range of garden technology for you to enjoy. The Shadow Infrared Heater UK range is a world leading patio heater brand offering exceptional quality and performance.

All the models we sell are fully IP rated to measure their weatherproof ability. Many of them are IPx5 (fully waterproof) meaning they’re safe to use in any conditions. Wet and wild or cold and frosty – leave them permanently outdoors with complete confidence. They are the most durable and weatherproof outdoor heaters you can buy.

We offer a world-class level of customer service combined with the cutting-edge of heating technology. So, we’re happy to advise you on your electric heater purchase and offer any aftercare advice you may need. We enjoy helping you get the most out of your outdoor space.

Video Shadow Parasol heater

Video of a Shadow Parasol Heater - 3kW of heat output under the parasol.

Search our waterproof electric patio heaters via the product links. Contact us to ask any question about the range. In the products section you will find more information about choosing an electric patio heater.

Affordable to run

Outside electric heaters use infrared waves to create warmth. They don’t waste time or energy heating the surrounding air. By using short-wave energy, warmth is felt as soon as the infrared waves come into contact with people, objects and surfaces – quite literally at the speed of light.

Electric heaters therefore consume less energy and cost less to run than conventional gas-powered models. This makes them the perfect choice for all-day outdoor heat in pub gardens and smoking areas.

Comfort with a click

Most of our electric models can be activated from a distance with the click of a stylish remote control. Our Bluetooth enabled heaters are controlled with a few taps on your phone or tablet device.

Whether you’re running a busy commercial facility or hosting a back garden barbecue, remote activation makes it easier. You can fine-tune the temperature of your space without leaving your guests unattended.

Light enough to live anywhere

Our outdoor electric heaters are made from ultra-lightweight materials such as anodized aluminium and heat-resistant plastic. This provides a wide variety of mounting options to suit different sorts of outdoor space.

Parasol heaters, under-table units, electric wall heaters and hanging pendants – electric models can be situated practically anywhere!

Choosing the best electric patio heater

Our customers often ask us how to pick the best electric patio heater. We start by inquiring about their space and how an outdoor heating solution will improve it. The solution we recommend will depend entirely on our customer’s environment and how they prefer to use it.

Our electric heaters fall into three key categories designed for different types of space:

Carbon electric garden heaters

Carbon heaters- are perfectly suited to large-scale or intimate outdoor environments. Our very own Shadow Carbon 3kW will unleash an intense stream of heat that easily cuts through the chilly evening air.

Wrapping the crowds in a comfortable cloak of warmth, the Shadow produces very little glare and can be operated by remote control.

With six variable heater settings, creating the right heat balance for your outdoor area is simple.

Gold (short-wave) outdoor electric heaters

Producing a less intense level of heat,  short-wave models like our Shadow Fatboy Ultra Heat are more appropriate for use at close range. This makes them a popular solution for residential spaces and outdoor dining establishments.

Gold electric heaters warm objects up in a similar way to the sun’s rays. When making contact with people and objects, their short-wave electromagnetic waves are converted into gentle, skin-tingling warmth.

Zero light heaters

Providing immediate warmth with no garish glow, our zero light heating units avoid distracting people. They don’t produce the uncomfortable glare that other infrared heaters can emit.  

Outside electric heaters like the Shadow NOIR are popular with stylish restaurants, bars and cafés. Customers often prefer technology to be unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

Outside electric heating for any space

Once you’ve selected your ideal category of electric heater, you can explore the vast range of heater designs we offer.

We can also help you calculate how many patio heaters you will need to heat your area. Take a look at the video or give us a call to get our guidance on how you should heat your space.

Need your outside electric heaters at the last minute? No problem. Any patio heater that is in stock are delivered to the UK mainland via next-day delivery.

For further delivery information, Detailed delivery information.

Video - Howe to Calculate how many heaters you need

Video - How to calculate how many heaters you need to heat your outdoor space.

Electric wall heaters

When floor space is at a premium, a wall-mounted infrared heater could be the easiest way to warm up your restaurant terrace or open-air bar.

Designed especially for professional use and high-end commercial premises, our Shadow XT Oscillating heater can be discreetly mounted on a wall without disrupting a building’s architecture.

The Shadow XT Oscillating heater os popular with stylish bars and nightspots in London’s West End. It is a neat piece of kit built to IPx5 ingress protection standards. It can be used in any outdoor conditions.

Parasol heaters

Whatever the weather, parasols are a popular feature in a pub garden or outdoor bar area. In addition, they offer a discreet mounting point to for an electric heater, keeping your space clear and uncluttered.

Electric parasol heaters greatly improve the experience of eating outdoors – especially during windy weather. Mount them underneath the canopy (around the central pole), and they’ll shine their comforting warmth onto diners.

Parasol heaters come in a variety of sizes – models such as the Shadow triple parasol heater have three 1KW lamps, making them ideal for round outdoor tables.

Built with ultra low-glare technology, the Shadow parasol heater brings serious warmth to the table without casting an overpowering glow.

Hanging Heaters

Pendant infrared heaters can be positioned very discreetly, and are usually built to resemble a stylish ceiling light.

The Shadow Pendant Hanging Heater is extremely elegant. It’s well-suited for use in older buildings such as cathedrals and churches. These premises are often too large and expensive to keep warm with central heating.

Wonderfully versatile whether used indoors or outdoors. The Shadow Pendant Heater is easily hung from a trellis or gazebo.

Free Standing Heaters

Free Standing infrared heaters are positioned where you need them and therefore save energy.

Our free standing heater selection is extremely well made from lightweight materials including aluminium, heat-resistant plastic and sheet stainless steel. Our free-standing patio heater designs are easily moved. The top of the range tilt stand with shadow heater provides an elegant freestanding heater solution.

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