Free-standing Patio Heaters

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Perfectly portable

Our free-standing patio heater designs can be positioned and repositioned easily. They are made from lightweight materials such as aluminium, heat-resistant plastic and sheet stainless steel.

Although they’re taller and slightly heavier, models such as the Sherpa Gas Lamp are easy for you to move without help. Equipped with a set of wheels on the base, you can roll them along the patio to wherever they need to be. But make sure the heater is switched off first!

The Shadow 1.2Kw Portable Heater is the newest addition to our range. We think it is a fantastic portable infrared heater. At 1.2Kw output it is more powerful than most heaters in this category.

Video Shadow Sidekick Portable heater

Comfort you control

Many of our free-standing units have variable heat settings. You can adjust the level of warmth in your environment to suit you, your guests and the prevailing weather conditions. Operate them manually or use one of our stylish remote controls. You maintain complete control over the comfort level in your garden or outdoor space.

Heating for the long haul

Our free-standing heaters are tough and long-lasting. We want you to enjoy your outdoor appliance throughout its entire lifetime. We only stock the most reliable and trusted heating brands. All Heat Outdoors electric heaters are protected to a level of IPx4 or above. Meaning they’re waterproof and suitable for use in all weather conditions.

Our floor-standing gas heaters such as the Santini ECO Outdoor Gas Heater can be protected with a bespoke frost, water and guano-resistant cover. Store them outside all year round and be confident that they’ll remain pristine.

Electric free-standing patio heaters vs. gas free-standing patio heaters – which is better?

The hot debate between electric and gas heater enthusiasts won’t be resolved any time soon. The truth is, both types of appliance have distinct benefits. The question really ought to be ‘which kind of heater is best for me?’.

To help you reach your own conclusions, we’ve whittled down the main advantages of both:

Electric models

The obvious advantage of electric patio heater free-standing units compared to gas versions is that the former can be used indoors and outdoors. Gas heating is only suitable for well-ventilated outdoor environments. Here are some other great reasons to invest in one of our electric solutions:

More economical

Electric patio heaters use infrared technology to generate heat. Helping you manage your electricity bills more easily. A freestanding infrared heater is usually a more economical solution if you want to heat environments regularly or for longer periods. It is portable so heats the exact area you want it to.

While they provide the same level of comfort as a gas burner, infrared heat lamps require approximately 60% less power to do so than an LPG fuelled model.


Gas canisters are a heavy part of a gas heating appliance. This does make these models heavier and more cumbersome than electric versions. Without any additional weight, free-standing electric heaters are much lighter than gas-powered versions. Therefore they are easier to move into storage or take on the road.

Instant heat

Electric heaters generate warmth just like the sun. Transmitting direct electromagnetic waves that are instantly converted into warmth when they touch people or objects in their path. For this reason, users feel the benefit of a free-standing electric model from the moment it’s switched on – no waiting around.

Freestanding gas patio heaters

Free-standing gas heaters are a more traditional choice of outdoor heat source. Their comfortable flames remain a popular feature of private gardens, barbecue areas and pub smoking areas.

Here’s why many of our customers prefer gas-powered outdoor heaters:

More atmospheric

Gas not only provides enormous comfort in an outdoor space – it’s arguably a more striking and visually appealing source of light than infrared.

Whether you’re kitting out a swanky restaurant terrace or creating an intimate outdoor dining area for family and friends, the flickering flames of a gas freestanding patio heater are more elegant than the artificial glow from an infrared heat lamp.


A freestanding heater powered by gas doesn’t need to be placed near an electric socket. In fact, you can use it near or far from any fixed building or structure. With a self-contained fuel canister, gas heaters bring their glowing warmth to any outdoor location.

A great way to minimise trip hazards, the lack of wires and extension cables makes them one of the safest choices for busy environments such as packed beer gardens and restaurant terraces.

Generous comfort

Gas heaters radiate a skin-tingling halo of heat over a large area, and are extremely effective at cutting through an icy night-time chill. Unlike free-standing electric heaters (which beam their heat in straight lines), users don’t need to be particularly near a gas burner to feel nice and cosy.  

Is it easy to transport a free-standing patio heater?

Portability and maneuverability are two key attributes that we consider when designing our free-standing models. Useful when providing heat at trade shows, temporary event venues and building sites. All our models can be assembled and transported with ease.

Ultra-lightweight models

Designed with the workplace in mind, our lightweight floor-standing heaters are a perfect solution. Ideal for flexible or temporary work environments such as building sites and contract locations.

Need heat you can take to work (or pretty much anywhere)? Our Guadalupa portable swivel heater is so light, you can pick it up using only your little finger. Fully waterproof, the Guadalupa can be used safely at indoor or outdoor events, or exposed workplaces such as construction sites.

Remote models with stands

Built for the outdoor events and trade show industries, our Shadow Ultra Low Glare can be attached to the top of a portable floor stand and operated via remote control. The Shadow ULG’s tubular steel stand is easy to transport. It is assembled in sections and has a built-in cable management system to minimize trip hazards. This makes it far safer to use than a traditional tripod stand. An alternative telescopic stand with a weighted base is available. Enabling a more flexible range of height.

Extension cables with special waterproof connectors are available for your freestanding heaters.

Safe-to-touch models

A cutting-edge Scandinavian heater – the ultra-safe IMUS ECO – can be moved easily and is safe to touch while in use. The IMUS ECO is made from lightweight, heat-proof plastic. The useful carry-handle makes it highly portable and ideal for personal use anywhere. 100% child-safe, this little free-standing patio heater is ideal for family environments – especially if you live with someone who feels the cold. Take it with you when you go to bed for a little extra warmth on chilly nights.

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