Gas Patio Heaters

Looking for a way to keep the exterior of your home or business heated all year? Here at Heat Outdoors, we have a wide range of the best gas patio heaters on the market. Our products are ideal for adding warmth and some light that so that you or your customers can enjoy sitting outside, even when the cold draws in! The real flame patio heaters that we offer provide a clean and safe way to enjoy your outdoor area for alfresco evenings in style.

Gas patio heaters are now clean, safe and versatile options for outdoor heating, with no need for power leads causing potential trip hazards. The easiest place to buy replacement gas bottles for your gas patio heater is normally at a local garden centre or from a number of online retailers who specialise in the delivery of these gas bottles safely and securely, however, if you need a ready and reliable supply, we can put you in touch with top suppliers.

For more information on the gas patio heaters and other outdoor gas heaters see below:

Flame Patio Heaters

Flame Patio Heaters are the alternate names for gas patio heaters. Flame patio heaters provide not only the warmth that you require and expect from your patio heater but also a warn open fire flame sound to increase comfort levels. The addition of a flame patio heater to your garden area will also provide a nice spectacle and focal point whilst ensuring the flame is secure behind a barrier so no accidents can occur.

Power Output

Gas Patio Heaters can have the power output described in KW or BTU/h's (British Thermal Unit). It is worth checking the BTU's, this is the engine size and a more accurate way of understanding how much heat will be generated. Table models often have low output; standing models should have a min 35,000 BTU up to 45,000BTU. Anything higher will only marginally increase the available heat your gas heater provides but will use more gas and cost more to run!

Heat Control

Some gas patio heaters only offer a high and low heat setting. Always look for variable heat control which will give you the most options to control the heat coming from your gas heater and also allow you to save gas and get more efficient usage from the heater.


Gas Patio Heaters fitted with a flame failure device are common now. Not all models though are fitted with a tilt safety shut-off. This device will cut the supply of gas should the heater lean/tip over. It is unadvisable to situate gas patio heaters on a slope, they should be placed on firm, level ground. But should someone try to move the heater when it's lit then the tilt switch will cut the gas supply.


***Please be advised that the Goliath models are no longer available with a remote control***