What Gas Bottle Do I Need And Where Can I Get The Gas From?

Patio Gas – 13 kg (usually in a green bottle)

All of our gas powered patio heaters are supplied with a clip-on regulator that is designed to safely clip onto the gas bottle and then you use the regulators lever to allow gas to flow. Patio gas is usually supplied in green bottles and the maximum size you can use is 13 kg)

Patio gas and refill bottles are available online and also from many local Flogas, Calor Gas suppliers, DIY stores and garden centres.

The gas used in the green patio gas bottles is Propane.

Propane is also available in orange bottles. However, the orange bottles require a different regulator, with a screw fitting instead of our clip on type. This means would need to change your regulator if you choose to use the orange bottles.

Gas bottles explained

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