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Tower Patio Heaters

Tower Patio Heaters

Bring warmth into your garden or conservatory with a tower heater. Set it up in a protected outdoor area they will keep you warm into the late evenings. Instead on those colder winter days they can me moved indoors to supplement your central heating.

Features of our Electric Tower Heater range

  • Awesome vertical designs
  • Remote control with variable heat settings
  • Sleek portable designs
  • Carbon Infrared Heat for a comfortable warmth
  • PIR motion sensors on some models, turns the heater on and off when needed
  • Anti tilt switches for added safety
Empire Tower Electric Patio Heater
Empire Tower Electric Patio Heater

Why buy from our extensive range of Tower Heaters?

Heat Outdoors are proud to offer a broad and competitively priced range of garden technology for you to enjoy. The Shadow Infrared Heater UK range is a world leading patio heater brand. Renowned for offering exceptional quality and performance.

All the models we sell are fully IP rated to measure their weatherproof ability.

We offer a world-class level of customer service combined with the cutting-edge of heating technology. We’re happy to advise you on your electric tower heater purchase. We offer a great aftercare advice service as well. We enjoy helping you get the most out of your outdoor space.

The 3kW Empire portable tower heater is one of the most powerful infrared tower heaters available anywhere. With a high performance carbon heating element and remote control power settings to control the heat it is one of our best infrared patio heaters.

Video Heat Outdoors Empire heater

Video of a Empire Tower Heater - 3kW of flexible heat output.

Video Shadow Sidekick 2kW portable heater

Shadow Sidekick portable Tower Heater.

Shadow Sidekick 2kW Portable Heater

The Shadow Sidekick Portable tower heater. The Shadow heaters are a world leading infrared patio heater brand. Shadow heaters offer exceptional quality and performance.

  • Portable infrared heater
  • Unique hexagon grill design and a powerful 2kW of infrared heat output.
  • Remote control operation to adjust heat to the right level.
  • Fully IP65 rated to ensure they are fully weatherproof and safe to use in any conditions.
  • Alailable in 2kW or 1.2kW models

The Shadow Sidekick utilises shortwave infrared lamp technology that directly heats up objects and people in its surroundings. This ensures that none of the heat is wasted.

Can you use a tower heater outside?

Our Tower heater range are manufactured with weather-resistant hardware so they can be used outside. For a full outdoor usage make sure your heater is IP65 rated. Almost all of the Shadow range is IP65 rated. These heaters are also equally effective in indoor areas and can be used as a secondary heat source in conservatories, studies and bedrooms. Shortwave infrared heaters such as the Sidekick tower heaters offer instant heat and warm up instantly. Our staff love the Sidekick and use them in the office on the coldest of mornings to heat up fast.

Frequently asked customer questions on Tower Patio Heaters


Can I mount an outside heater inside my gazebo?

Can I mount an outdoor heater inside my gazebo? Yes! You can mount your heater to practical...

How big an area will a Patio Heater heat?

We try to give a guide on many heaters however, in reality this is very difficult as everyone has a different idea of...

What clearance do I need around the Patio Heater?

What level of clearance do I need around the patio heater? In general the answer is approx. 30...

What if it's raining, can I install heaters anywhere?

Many heaters are specifically designed to run in very wet environments and you will find seve...

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