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Heat Outdoors has been a specialist in the heating market for many years providing winter solutions to buildings especially where conventional heating solutions are unsuitable and costly both environmentally and financially.  Many buildings suffer from two significant problems when it comes to heating.

  1. Internal volume - This is especially relevant in larger buildings with substantial open areas such as factories, warehouses, barns and churches.  Conventional heating solutions have no option other than to heat the entire volume of space in the building to achieve the desired effect at ground level where it is required.  This is extremely wasteful.

  2. Old buildings – The majority of older buildings were built with natural ventilation which from a practical point of view kept the wood from rotting and the air healthy, however, this is appalling in terms of heat retention. In the winter months as quickly as these buildings were heated the warm air would escape through the windows, wooden floors and un-insulated roofs or simply the air bricks in the walls.

The infrared heating solutions Heat Outdoors provides do not heat the air, they only heat the people they are targeted at and are appreciably more efficient. The short wave infrared heat can be trained onto a particular area where heat is needed whilst unoccupied or unused portions of the space can be left unheated. The financial savings are truly significant as spot heating with infrared is infinitely and instantly controllable. There is no need to pre-heat as short wave heat is instantaneous, at the flick of a switch.   Short wave infrared heat is also far more flexible in that one only turns on specific heaters as they are needed. With a conventional heating system, it is true radiators can be controlled individually although in practice it is rare for them to be touched once the system has been set up.

The conclusion

Short wave infrared spot heating solutions are a modern clean and highly versatile system, heating people rather than the air around them and making the work place comfortable and efficient. Its C0₂ footprint is diminutive.

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