Gazebo Heaters

Electric Infra-red Pendant and Gazebo Heaters

Can you put a patio heater in a gazebo? The Heat Outdoors Shadow Diffusion range includes a wide variety of hanging, freestanding or table-top Infra-red Gazebo Heaters. They have been designed for use in all types of gazebos, awnings, canopies, garden rooms and summerhouses.

Our range of Shadow heaters can be attached to a variety of poles to make them free-standing. Making them the ideal portable gazebo heater. The Empire 3Kw heater is a high powered solution for use in a gazebo. But the SideKick 1.2kw heater should not be overlooked. It can also be considered for a gazebo, garden room or summer house. These portable heaters are a sturdy but light-weight construction.

It is important to read the technical specifications of the heaters. Position your heater a suitable distance from the gazebo material. Always follow the safety guidelines in our manuals. Contact us for advice should you be unsure.

Warmth in your Gazebo

A Shadow hanging electric pendant heater is incredibly versatile. It can be enjoyed in all kinds of indoor or outdoor locations.

Erecting a gazebo to avoid a sudden downpour? Our 2kW Pendant Gazebo Hanging Heater produces a subtle level of heat. Allowing you to comforably eat and socialise underneath it.

In a semi-enclosed space a hanging heater could add much-needed warmth. As well as adding to the overall aesthetic of a conservatory or summer house.

Infrared Gazebo Heater

Providing instant, clean, odour free infrared heat an infrared gazebo heater is ideal. As the elements will only heat solid objects, rather than air, they are extremely efficient. As much as 95% of input energy is converted into heat output. It’s ideal for outdoor events, celebrations and BBQ parties etc where heat is needed to keep you and your guests warm under your gazebo or marquee.

Video Shadow Gazebo Pendant Heater

Shadow Gazebo Pendant Heater

Electric Infrared Awning Heaters

Many Shadow heaters can be used under an awning. Our range of Awning heaters produce a comfortable and enjoyable level of heat.

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