Can I mount an outdoor heater inside my gazebo?


You can mount your heater to practically any solid structure. There will be mounting brackets available that suit your gazebos construction material, whether that is wooden beams, metal poles or some stone structure of some kind, it will be possible to make a secure installation.

We advise that heaters be mounted 2.3m – 2.5m above ground so if the mounting positions in your gazebo would be significantly higher, you might not feel quite so much heat and may want to consider a slightly more powerful heater than would be usual.

In short, a gazebo is a lovely location for our infrared heaters.

Electric Infrared Gazebo Heaters

Many Shadow heaters can also be used inside your Gazebo.

Our Range of Gazebo heaters produces a subtle, enjoyable level of heat that allows you to eat and socialise comfortably underneath it.

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