Most Suitable Patio Heater For A Cantilever Parasol And Will The Parasol Heater Fit?

The Shadow 3kW Parasol Heater is designed to be fitted to the central post of the parasol and they work really well.

When it comes to cantilever parasols there are few solutions available and because the post is outside of the parasol it is necessary to find a way to hang a heater from the centre. There are a number of commercially available options available, but so far we havenít found a model that we are happy to promote.

We have a small number of customers who had the technical expertise to improvise a method of hanging our parasol heater within a cantilever, but it would be almost impossible to produce a commercial version.

Our recommendation when it comes to cantilever parasols would be to make use of one of our attractive heater stands and have a free standing heater solution.

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