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IP Ratings explained

The technical details for our products show the IP rating for each heater. These ratings are standing for all electrical products sold in the UK and indicate how water and dust proof the product is. Read the article for a detailed explanation of each of the IP rating that are available.

Infrared Heating Explained

There are a number of different types of infrared lamps with different heating characteristics. These are explored in greater detail in this article.

Shadow Infrared IP65 rated Electric Patio heaters

Shadow Patio Heaters are market leaders in the low glare infrared patio heater field thanks to the patented EasyFit™ lamp technology that is featured across the entire range. Shadow Heaters also feature unique Ultra Low Glare infrared lamps which really push the boundaries of non invasive outdoor heating by giving off just a very soft gold glow rather than the glaring light that can come from standard gold lamps used by many patio heaters as standard in the industry. The Ultra Low Glare lamps that are featured on the Shadow Patio Heater range offer an amazing 90% reduction in light output compared to standard patio heater lamps. All heater in the Shadow range are fully waterproof and IP65 rated.