Quartz Electric Infrared Heating - Ratings Explained

The popularity of electric quartz patio heaters has grown steadily over the last few years. It is therefore of great importance that you buy a unit that is fit for purpose. There are a few things that you should consider before purchasing your heater. Firstly all of the units we sell are for UK use and require 230 / 240V. The power of any unit is measured in kW, it is important to note that you can only have up to 13 amps / 3 kW if you intend to plug into a standard home socket, this can be made up by using 3 x 1kW units or 4 x 750W units, but the total power should not exceed 3kW. Should you require a higher powered unit, or multiple units, it would be advisable to seek help from a fully qualified electrician who would be able to provide a dedicated supply, similar to an electric cooker.

Consider also where the unit is going to be mounted, is it indoor (fully protected from the elements), undercover outdoor or totally unprotected from the elements. Each unit that we offer will have an IP rating; this tells you what level of protection is offered. Detailed below is the IP table showing what level of protection is offered. The first number details protection from solid objects, it is the second number that shows the level of protection from water.

  • 0 X - Unprotected
  • 1 X - Solid bodies larger than 50mm
  • 2 X - Solid bodies larger than 12mm
  • 3 X - Solid bodies larger than 2.5mm
  • 4 X - Solid bodies larger than 1mm
  • 5 X - Dust
  • 6 X - Total protection against dust
  • X 0 - Unprotected
  • X 1 - Dripping Water
  • X 2 - Falling water with a max tilt of 15 degrees
  • X 3 - Protection against rain
  • X 4 - Sprayed water
  • X 5 - Water jets
  • X 6 - Waves
  • X 7 - Watertight on immersion
  • X 8 - Watertight on submersion
  • IP20 - Protected against solid bodies larger that 12mm
  • IP23 - Solid bodies larger than 12mm and against rain
  • IP40 - 1mm solid – no liquid protection
  • IP43 - Larger that 1mm – protected against rain
  • IP44 - Solids larger the 1mm and Sprayed water
  • IP54 - Dust and sprayed water
  • IP55 - Dust and water jets
  • IP65 - Total protection – Dust and water jets