Replacement Infrared Outdoor Heat Lamps

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Shadow 1.5kW & 2.0kW Ultra Low Glare+ Replacement Lamp

Shadow 1.5kW & 2.0kW Ultra Low Glare+ Replacement Lamp

From £67.31 inc. VAT
From £56.09 + VAT
Product Features:
Ultra Low Glare Plus Technology
Vertical Mounting Compatible
Higher heat with lower levels of light and colour.
From £67.31 inc. VAT
From £56.09 + VAT
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Check the category of infrared heat lamp

Although they all produce warmth in a similar way, some electric heaters are equipped with different kinds of infrared heat light.

Depending on the type of environment your heater was designed to serve, it will take one of the following categories of lamp:

  • Zero Light
  • Gold (short wave)
  • Carbon
  • Ultra Low Glare (ULG)
  • Ultra Low Glare plus (ULG+)

Read below which heat lamps are suited to which environments, and always make sure you check your device’s user manual before purchasing a replacement light.

Check out our How to guide for videos on how to fit a replacement heat lamp.

Video Change a ULG+ Lamp

Video of how to change a lamp in the Shadow ULG+ 1.5kW/2kW heater

Is the power on?

Before removing the infrared lamp from your patio heater, make sure that you look inside your mains fuse box and check your trip switches carefully.

It’s common for electric heaters to demand a surge of power when they start up, which can sometimes result in a tripped switch and temporary loss of power to your appliance. Push any tripped switches back into position before attempting to restart your heater.

Stock up

If your infrared lamp has died, it’s prudent to buy more than one replacement.

Having a few spares around for later use can be a good idea – particularly if your patio heater is accidentally knocked or damaged, as this can occasionally cause the lamp inside to break.

Invest in a soft-start controller

Replacing your outdoor heater components is inevitable – but it need not be a regular chore. To extend the life of your infrared heat lamp by up to 30%, you could to invest in the 6kW Soft Start Controller or Bluetooth Control Box.

These clever accessories help by starting the heater more gently, preventing power from surging to the device and damaging its components – that means less maintenance and fewer replacements.

Easy Fit Lamps

With an Easy fit lamp it is so easy, anyone can do it, thanks to Shadows revolutionary new replacement heat lamp system.

With advancing technology in the infrared heating marketplace has come an unwanted side effect. The lamps are so well integrated into the heaters, that have become impossible for the untrained to even attempt changing. Many well known brands can take up to 20 minutes for an expert to swap over.

Shadow Heaters full range of electric patio heaters are now exclusively fitted with the worlds most advanced lamp connection system; EasyFit™. This new connection is completely waterproof/weatherproof (IP65) meaning that the safety and durability of the unit has not been compromised by this new connection.

Knowing which infrared heat light to buy

As we mentioned above, different types of outdoor heat lamp are used in different kinds of environment.

Although it’s tempting to buy a patio heater without understanding the basic components, it’s sensible to familiarise yourself with the different categories of infrared heat lamp before deciding which heating solution is right for you.

Carbon lamps

Ideal for use in colder weather – medium-wave carbon technology provides a longer life span and more even heat distribution than standard (short-wave) infrared models.

Carbon heaters deliver double the benefit of Gold models. This is because medium-wave heat warms the air around people, as well as providing direct warmth when it makes contact with the skin. So – whether your guests are directly beneath the lamp or not – they feel extra cosy.

Gold category heaters

Like the sun, Gold heaters use short-wave infrared, meaning they warm people or objects that are directly in their path – but they don’t heat the surrounding air.

Short-wave infrared heaters are better suited to use at close range, making them a great choice for a small patio or underneath a parasol.

Compatible with almost all 2kW infrared patio heaters, why not stock up on these Tansun Low Glare Gold Lamps?

Infrared heat lamps for sale with next day delivery

Outdoor heater out of action? Provided you order by 2.00pm, all spares and replacement heat lamps over £10.00 are available for delivery on the next working day.

Whether you have more than one infrared patio heater or you’re stocking up on spares, you could save money when your order three or more of the same item. Look out for special multi-buy deals on our product pages.

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