Zero Light & Ceramic Patio Heaters

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Zero Light Infrared Heaters

Zero light heaters are perfect for indoor-outdoor living spaces. The space needs to have low air movement and the designer has a requirement for light not to distract from the aesthetics of the area. They are ideal for spring or autumn use where a more permanent heat is required such as enclosed restaurants and bars, conservatories and garden rooms.

The Shadow NOIR II range comes in a range of heat outputs up to 4.5Kw.

The Shadow NOIR II comes supplied with a remote control that allows you to control the heat to a greater precision at your convenience. The unit also comes with mounting brackets that allow you greater control of where you can have the unit whilst ensuring that you always have the sufficient clearing distance to the mounting surface for optimal performance.

Video Noir Zero light Heater

Video of a Shadow Noir II Zero Light Heater.