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How Homeowners Can Transform Their Outdoor Areas

Transform your Outdoor Area With These Items & Tactics

Outdoor areas are a place to relax, work and entertain. They can become an extension of your home and a valuable hobby if you give them the attention they need. But it can be tricky knowing what items and tactics you need to get your outdoor areas into the best state. There are so many things you can buy and so many things you can do.

Thatís why weíve highlighted two items you can get and two tactics you can use to transform your outdoor areas. Weíve explained their benefits and included some useful resources to help you get what you need for your outdoor spaces.

Install a patio heater or fire pit

Being outdoors is great. You get out amongst nature and your body gets a wide range of health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, a better attention span and a more balanced emotional state. But it can get pretty chilly outside and a patio heater helps you stay warm.

We all like to chill outside but being chilly is another thing altogether. Itís fine during the summer months when the sun is blazing down and providing you with natural heat. But during the cooler seasons, a patio heater can be your best way of staying warm outside.

Infrared heaters are ideal for transforming your garden into a warm area all year round. Something like Heat Outdoorsí ECO Empire Portable Tower Heater is great because it not only keeps you toasty but itís also weatherproof certified, so it can withstand the toughest rain conditions ó itís an all-purpose heater you can rely on. Knowing youíll be warm whenever youíre in your garden means there are no limits to when you go outside. You can be there in spring, summer, and autumn and winter. Day and night.

Make your outdoor areas bird-friendly

People have differing views on birds in gardens. Some love them. Some hate them. But whatís clear is that birds make gardens more vibrant. If you can stomach the idea of chirping, a transformative tactic for your outdoor areas is to make them bird-friendly.

Birds offer a variety of benefits to your outdoor areas, such as controlling pests and rodents, managing weeds and pollinating flowers. And thatís without mentioning that they make your garden an environment thatís closer to nature. These are some simple tactics you can use to make your outdoor areas more bird-friendly:

  • Purchase a nesting box
  • Get yourself a birdbath
  • Invest in a bird feeder

If you have cats, itís important to ensure all of the things above are out of reach for your feline friend(s). If they arenít then you might find your bird-friendly area quickly becomes an all-you-can-eat restaurant for your cat(s)!

Soil treatment

Having a lush garden is wonderful. You get a whole new social area for your home and you have a life-extending hobby to work on throughout the year, one that reduces the risk of dementia and soothes anxiety. But you can only have a lush garden if its life force is healthy and this means you need to ensure your soil is treated. Soil is a living part of your garden that brings life to your trees, flowers and bushes. It provides your plants with the nutrients they need to survive. But to do this your soil needs its own nourishment and soil treatment is your way of providing this. Soil treatments help to transform your outdoor area into a healthy garden. An item like Penetrate is ideal because it doesnít only allow air and moisture to circulate but itís also a clay soil conditioner, so it cleans and then enhances the life force of your plants ó itís a two-in-one treatment for your soil. Getting your soil healthy means you can make your garden a truly lush area. Youíll have gorgeous flowers, luxuriant bushes and regal trees.

Adding an inside area outside

People have their own views on inside areas in their outdoor spaces. Some need them. Some arenít so fussed. But whatís inarguable is that inside areas protect you from the elements. If youíre willing to put the effort into setting up an inside area outside, youíll be able to sit comfortably in your garden whenever you want. Inside areas for your outdoor spaces can be achieved in a few ways, such as adding a gazebo, getting a patio covering or building a shed. And thatís without talking about buying a conservatory, though, that might be a little too inside for you! If you decide to opt for a gazebo then you could invest in a heater, so it remains snug during the colder months of the year.

Heat Outdoors has a range of great gazebo heaters you can choose from. Theyíre designed to be used in all types of gazebos. This means you can rest assured the heater you select will be a great fit for your gazebo.

These are some tactics you can consider when adding an inside area to your outdoor spaces:

  • Hiring a contractor to do the work
  • Getting friends and family to help
  • Building it entirely by yourself

If youíre thinking about adding a conservatory to your outdoor space then itís important to be aware of any planning permission requirements. The key thing to note with planning permission for a conservatory is that it canít be greater than 50% of the original area around your house. So, donít exceed this limit!

A patio heater and soil treatment are two items that can transform your outdoor areas, while. Making your spaces bird-friendly and adding an inside area outside are two tactics that can have a transformative effect.

Decide which of these things are most important to you and start with that. Then use our other three recommendations to give your home the perfect outdoor area.

Article kindly written by Laura May for Heat Outdoors

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