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Shadow Parasol Heater

Electric Parasol Heater

The Shadow Parasol Heater is perfectly designed for your garden parasol

The Shadow Parasol Heater is made from lightweight aluminium with replaceable heating heads and a dynamic three-way remote control allowing each head to be switched on/off individually.

The new design is exceptionally stylish and far more durable than any other pole mounted parasol heater on the market.

  • Remote Control
  • Easily attaches to any parasol
  • 3-way remote control
  • Ultra Low Glare lamps
  • Looks superb at home or commercial setting

Watch our video from The County pub, Northamptonshire

Electric Parasol Heater

Advanced Shadow Ultra Low Glare+ lamp technology
Superb heat and ultra low light

Ideal for commercial and residential use
Energy efficient way of raising the temperature of any outdoor space

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