Parasol Heaters - Infrared Heaters UK

Parasol heaters provide an easy and efficient way to continue entertaining outside as the sun sets and the evening chill sets in. Parasol heaters are ideal to be fixed to most large parasols, gazebos, conservatory or ceiling area, meaning that will suit almost any area and situation where additional heat or light is needed. Hanging heaters are safe to be used both indoors and outdoors, providing much needed heat and light to guests or customers all year round. Parasol heaters are suitable for a wide range of heating options and can be easily positioned to heat just those around them and not the air that is wasted.

Here at Heat Outdoors we understand that with so many choices and requirements you can be unsure of what product will best suit your needs, so we will be happy to help you get perfect heater for your needs.

The parasol patio heaters at Heat Outdoors provdie safe infrared heating - No pressurised gas bottles or cylinder storage problems. Infrared is silent allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet on your patio. Our parasol patio heaters provide heat that is clean, no smells and almost maintenance free. The parasol heaters are compact, clean and simple to operate. Infrared parasol heaters warm instantly at the speed of light. Infrared is efficient with no wasteful heating of the air, it warms the surfaces that it meets and is unaffected by draughts, just like the sun but without the harmful UV. Most of all you will find infrared heating economical with extremely low running costs over two thirds cheaper than gas.