How Do You Attach The Extension Cable?

In order to comply with current UK/EU safety standards, no portable electrical device - including our electric heaters - can be supplied with an attached lead longer than 1.8m in length.

For many electrical items this may cause some irritation, but not a problem as extension leads are readily available from your local DIY store… Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to electrical items that draw a high current such as our heaters, which may require several kW.

Extension cables that are suitable for heaters need a much thicker core and a significantly higher rating than the “standard” easy to find extension leads you find on the high street, which can be a fire hazard when used with high power equipment.

To make your life easier, we supply suitable extension leads in 3 and 5 meter lengths and available in black or white. Each lead is fitted with a 13A plug at one end and most importantly, one half of a high quality waterproof connector at the other end.

To connect the extension lead to your heater, simply remove the original plug from the heater and connect the waterproof connector in its place following the instructions provided and making sure that there are no visible wires outside of the connector.

Join the two halves of the connector together, making sure that everything is good and tight and the job is done.

Please note: when using ANY extension lead, ensure that the lead is uncoiled to prevent overheating. Do Not use an extension lead while on a reel.

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