What Is The Difference Between A Carbon Lamp And Your Shadow ULG / All Basic Heaters Next To Each Other?

The differences are the power output of the lamp and the infrared wavelength.

The majority of infrared heaters are short wave infrared heaters. Short range heaters are the hottest, heat up instantly and are the most efficient as they convert almost all of their input power to heat. Short wave lamps always produce visible light and use different types of filters to “remove” that light, typically except for red light - Our high quality low glare lamps are colour neutral at shorter distances the most alternatives, which means less red tinged surfaces.

Our commercial range of heaters – The “Shadow” Range

  • ULG: Ultra Low Glare 98% of visible light is filtered out so nice and dim, but lots of heat

  • ULG+: Uses the latest technology lamp that filters out 99.9% of visible light. An excellent heater and very dim.

  • XT: Moving up in size, this heater has a larger reflector, which means that even more heat is directed where you need it.

  • Fat Boy: The most effective heaters due to extra power and an even larger reflector makes the Fat Boy the best choice for larger areas and locations that need to be made comfortable during the coldest winter months.

In addition to the above, we have many alternative heaters that use very similar short wave lamps and provide virtually the same levels of heat, but with a different appearance that some of our customers prefer. A good example of this would be the glass fronted heaters that many customers find particularly attractive.

Moving on we have our medium wave "carbon" heaters.

These heaters provide a more comfortable "up-close" heat and are great for personal heating around a table or under a parasol and for a lovely, penetrating, therapeutic sensation of warmth and a nice relaxing level of light. Although these heaters still emit a lot of heat, they are more suited to use in sheltered locations away from prevailing winds, perfect for a sheltered restaurant courtyard, gardens, under canopies etc. These heaters are also a good choice for indoor spaces such as churches and workshops.

Finally, we have our longwave heater, the Shadow NOIR. This heater is not recommended for outdoor use, but is ideal for indoor spaces. Longwave heaters emit ZERO light making them particularly attractive to customers who need a comfortable level of heat in an environment where additional lighting would cause a problem such as a photo or design studio.

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