Can I Attach My Heater Under An Awning?


Unfortunately every awning installation is different, which means that the honest answer to this question is that it may, or may not be possible to mount a heater under yours.

Each heater has a number of required minimum clearance measurements that you will find in your heaters installation instructions…. If your heater can be mounted securely under your particular awning while at the same time, complying with those clearance measurements, the answer is YES!

If not, we will have to find a different way to setup your heater. There are many ways that this might be possible, for example utilising different brackets, stands or perhaps a convenient adjacent location that you hadn’t considered.

Electric Infrared Awning Heaters

Many Shadow heaters can also be used under an awning.

Our range of Awning heaters produces a subtle, enjoyable level of heat that allows you to eat and socialise comfortably underneath it.

Whatever the solution, we will be happy to help you find it!

Please contact us with photos and measurements including the awnings height above ground, installation angle, construction materials etc. for your specific location and we will help you find a solution.

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