Which patio heater stand is best?

There isnít an easy answer to this question...

Each stand in our constantly evolving range of heater stands is designed to safely support your patio heater, which means that in the choices are often made by aesthetic preferences for your location rather than the stands functionality.

The acceptation to this generalisation would be if you have one of our heavier double heaters, which requires the strongest and most stable stands in order to support the extra size and weight of the heater safely.

The stainless steel stand is at the top end of our range and is one of our stands suitable for all heaters, including the double size. The stand is a particularly high quality option, heavy and sturdy and in our opinion looks good in most environments. It has an unusual feature that allows the cable to be hidden within the stand itself. Very nice!

The Tilt stand is another option strong and stable enough for a double heater. It is a black stand with an angled pole that we think looks best with any of our black heaters.

The telescopic stand is a good choice for customers with lighter and/or medium size heaters that might want to use their heater in different locations.

Please review our current range of stands and donít hesitate to contact us for advice if youíre not entirely sure that the stand youíre looking at is suitable.

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