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A Patio heater is tripping the circuit. How do I fix this?

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Overcoming unwanted tripping

Initially, if a heater is tripping a circuit there are a couple of checks that can be made to diagnose whether this is a heater fault or a circuit issue:

1) If the heater is being plugged in using a 13amp plug and socket it is important to check that the circuit is not becoming overloaded. You can do this by plugging the heater into a different plug socket on a different circuit. If the heater does not trip this circuit then it indicates that there is an overload on the initial circuit tried. If you look at the breaker on the fuse board (the switch that is tripping) and if you currently have a B breaker you will need to upgrade to a higher amp B breaker or a C breaker is optimum, and should resolve the issue

2) If the heater trips both circuits, please call us and we can offer our technical teams assistance.

3) If the heater is hard wired you will be required to remove the heater and attached a standard 13amp plug. You can then follow the same checks as above, plugging this into a differentsocket on a different circuit and assessing whether a trip occurs once again. If a trip does not occur the initial hard wired installation spur will need to be assessed by your electrician. If a trip does occur pn both circuits, please contact us and we can made arrangements with the technical team.

All electrical wiring, installation and maintenance works should only be carried out by a competent and qualified electrician in accordance with BS7671.

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