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Can patio heaters be controlled remotely and what type of controllers are available, especially for pubs, bars and restaurants?

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Can patio heaters be controlled remotely and what type of controllers are available, especially for pubs, bars and restaurants?

A large part of the Shadow range is available with a remote control function built in, from which you can turn the heater on or off, or turn the heat up or down with a remote. Some of them swivel and the remote will also control that.

Some of the more advanced heaters now use Bluetooth, so you can have an app on your mobile device from where you can control your heater remotely.

For commercial establishments, such as bars, pubs or restaurants where multiple heaters are in use there are a number of different solutions:
One option is a control board where all of the heaters come into the main board that can be operated zonally, enabling heaters in a certain zone to be turned up while heaters in another zone be turned down or turned off.

In other environments, such as in a pub where there is a smoking section for example, there may be several heaters on a wall that you will not want on all the time. In this type of situation we could use what is known as a ‘time-lag switch’. This is a small switch roughly the size of a light switch, with a button in the middle that controls the heater on a timer that can be pre-set. So you can control how long you want the heater to come on for each time the button is pressed. This option is beneficial as it saves a lot of power by not having the heater running non-stop.

Another solution would be to use a PIR switch. This is a similar looking switch to the ‘time-lag switch’ but is actually a Passive Infrared Detector that detects movement. This is ideal if you have an area such as a smoking area and want your heater to come on automatically when someone is in that area without having to press a button or a switch. The heater would then turn itself off automatically when people are not in that area.

Finally it is possible to buy aftermarket products from electrical wholesalers such as coin-operated machines that allow the heater to turn on only once a coin or token has been inserted into the slot. This type of solution would be ideal for a club such as a driving range for example.

If you have any problems deciding which type of control system would be ideal for you or your business or if you want something specific or you have a system that you have designed yourself, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to a member of the team at Heat Outdoors, we have many solutions and we will find one that suits you.

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