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What Benefit Is There In A Remote Control?

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What Benefit Is There In A Remote Control?

Many of our heaters are available with (or without) remote controllers. The controllers will allow you to turn the heater on/off, adjust the power output and with some of the higher end models, even adjust the direction of the heater.

Continue up the range of heaters and there is a Bluetooth option with an app that provides an even greater level of control over one or more heaters from a single IOS or Android device. In addition to the usual on/off and power adjustment, the app gives you various timer options and if you have a larger number of heaters, the ability to setup groups (or zones) and control these individually.

Larger commercial users can opt to have us create a zoned “control centre device” governing all of their heaters for use by management staff.

Whether remote control is a benefit or not will depend on your circumstances…

For individuals and for smaller commercial users with one or two heaters, a remote control can be a nice option, particularly having the ability to adjust the output of the heater. For example 50% or even less power output might be enough to keep everyone comfortable as the temperature drops in the evening.

Customers with more than a couple of heaters are more likely to question the “benefit” of having a remote controller per heater to look after and may find Bluetooth, or a bespoke package more attractive.

Convenience is nice and we would argue that in most cases this would be considered a benefit, but only you can truly know if the remote would benefit you!

Please note: If you have a heater or heaters without remote control, it is now possible using our new Bluetooth control box to add this functionality retrospectively.

Remote and Bluetooth heater controls

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