Patio and Garden Heaters

Our Garden Heaters provide an ideal opportunity to spend more time in the garden or patio which you have spent so much time making beautiful. Specially designed with safety, comfort and efficiency in mind, our garden heaters have all been picked with the patio or garden setting as their main use. The additional heat or light will do no harm to any of the flora or fauna to be found in your garden and simply provide you with longer hours of comfortable outdoor dining and entertaining.

If you have that unique garden experience that you want to extend, our range of patio heaters and garden heaters below will allow you to have the ideal garden environment all year round, whether you're enjoying it with friends or relaxing with family.

Heat Outdoors is dedicated to selling only the most environmentally friendly outdoor heating products that provide efficient, controllable and cost effective outdoor heating solutions. At the cost of approximately 10 pence per kilowatt per hour, they are cheaper to run and do not pollute the environment. With their discreet design they are not intrusive and 1kW will heat on average 5 square meters with a recommended lamp life of between 5000 - 7000 hours.