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Commercial Insect Killers and Insect Traps

Do you find that bugs and insects are ruining the tranquillity of your outdoor space? Pest control is an important aspect of food preparation. If so, look no further than the range of commercial insect killer Heat Outdoors has to offer. Ideal for restaurants, patios and hotels, our electric bug killers allow guests to enjoy a bug-free experience all year! The Moon LED insect trap is waterproof and can be left outdoors. All these products can be used indoors or outdoors.

How do bug killers work?

In commercial kitchens , an electric fly killer is vital. By attracting and electrocuting bugs and flies, your food areas are kept hygienic and pest-free.

We have three main types of bug killers for pest control.

Traditional electric fly zappers attract insects with light and kill flying insects which touch the element.

Glue boards attract insects using a similar light. The pests become trapped against sticky boards which can be easily replaced when required.

MO-EL CRI CRI Domestic Electric bug Zapper

MO-EL Insectivoro Domestic Fly Killer with suction fan

Fly Zapper

Two main components make up a great bug killers. Usually ultra-violet lamps and an electrified grid are used to provide a highly effective fly trap. Flying insects are attracted to bright UV light onto the electrified grid. This vaporises them on contact.

Key benefits of an electric bug zapper

  • Often kills instantly.
  • Cleaning is easy and maintenance is low. Lamps rarely need to be changed
  • UV light effective at attracting flies
  • Less mess, dead insects often drop into an easy clean tray
  • Energy efficient bug zapper

Glue Board Bug Traps

Often called glue traps, are a popular type of bug killer. The glue board uses a fluorescent ultra-violet light to attract insects. Which are traped against the replaceable sticky board.

Key benefits of a glue board fly killer

  • Glue boards can be smaller in size to electric insect killers.
  • Often glue board fly traps require less cleaning. You simple change out the glue board, give a simple wipe down if needed and you’re good to go again.
  • Less noise that electric fly zappers with no zapping noises as pests are captured by the fly trap.

Glue boards do need to be replaced. During hotter months or particularly high insect areas, replacing the glue boards will need to be done more regularly.

MO-EL Commercial Glue Board Bug Killer

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