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Gas Heaters

Gas heaters provide a reliable, atmospheric way to stay warm and comfortable in your outdoor space all year round. Best of all, because they don’t run on electricity, our gas patio heaters are completely cable-free, reducing the likelihood of trips and falls outdoors.

Distinctive and stylish, our gas patio heaters come in a number of eye-catching designs, shapes and finishes that will enhance your outdoor aesthetic.

Built to exacting safety standards, they are robust, and many models are fitted with clever safety features for your confidence and peace of mind.

Easy to protect from the elements, all of our gas heaters  come with weather-resistant design features to keep them looking great and functioning perfectly.

With self-contained gas canisters that can be replaced quickly and easily, these heaters don’t require a plug socket or extension lead you’re free to position them wherever they’re needed most.

We hope you enjoy browsing our attractive and atmospheric range of gas patio heaters.

Charm the outdoor crowd with a gas patio heater

Casting a gentle glow across your garden, our gas-powered flame patio heaters are the ideal enhancement to al fresco home dining or romantic outdoor eateries.

Available in a range of beautiful contemporary shapes, you can browse one of the most versatile selections of gas patio heater designs in the UK all in one place.

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Cylindrical heaters

The flickering beauty of a gas flame patio heater can be enjoyed from all directions with a cylindrical model like the Santini Flame gas heater in fact, it creates quite a talking point at an outdoor event.

Standing on its sturdy, cylindrical base, the Goliath gas heater is made from military-strength steel and coated with heat-resistant enamel paint, ensuring a safer, more comfortable environment for you and your guests.

Overhanging  heaters

No longer will a large dining table prevent all of your dinner guests from feeling the benefit of outdoor heating.

Mimicking the arch-like shape of an overreach floor lamp, the Hangover Gas Patio Heater gets heat right to the middle of an outdoor gathering perfect for pub gardens and outdoor commercial dining areas.

Lamp-style heaters

Inspired by the classic gas light designs of Victorian London, a lamp-style gas heater is a highly effective way of heating open areas.

With a wide, supportive base and slender neck, heaters like the London Gas Lamp are safe to use in windy conditions, and are capable of throwing heat over a substantial outdoor area.

Portable and highly maneuverable, this model has wheels on its base for easy positioning and relocation.

Remain safe and secure

We know that from the moment you light your patio heater, it’s important to feel confident and reassured of its safety, so our gas patio heaters prioritise safety above all else.

With an inbuilt cavity for gas canisters, our heaters keep fuel protected from open flames and other external elements.

All of our models feature a protective mesh or flame guard as standard. For an enhanced level of safety, look for heaters with integrated anti-tilt mechanisms such as our Athena Plus+ Stainless Steel Gas Heater, providing perfect peace of mind while you stay cosy.

Prepare for all weather with the perfect gas heater

From protective glass heating tubes to stainless steel frames, our gas heaters come with a wide range of weather-resistant features to keep them in perfect working order throughout the year.

With water, frost and guano-resistant covers, even our exposed-burner  heaters can be protected and left outdoors when not in use.


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