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Make your Halloween, warm and tasty!

Perfect Halloween Garden Accessories

Halloween is fast approaching are you prepared?

Halloween marks the end of autumn and what better way to welcome in the winter than with a Halloween gathering with friends and family.

It might be cold but that doesn’t mean the garden is out of bounds! Dig out the bobble hats, gloves and scarves and embrace the October chill, it's all part of the fun.

Let's start with the food!

With bake times of under 2 minutes, the new Omica Pizza Oven is the perfect choice for your spooky event!

This modern Pizza Oven has been designed with a unique u-shaped gas jet to provide an intense yet even heat, for the perfectly crisp, yet fluffy pizza dough.

Unlike most wood fired pizza ovens, the cooking heat of the Omica is easily controllable, thanks to its simple temperature dial.

When turned up to the maximum for roughly 10 minutes, the ovens intense heat can even help clean the ceramic pizza stone, ready for more baking!

The compact, modern and portable dome design of the new Omica Gas Pizza Oven, makes it the perfect choice for entertaining friends and family, so why not treat your guest to some seriously good homemade, spooky pizza?

Pizza so good its scary - Omica Pizza Oven
Halloween - Umbra Fire Pit - Marshmallows

Take the chill off!

Whether you want to create a Halloween themed glamping vibe in your garden with blankets and bean bags or simply keep guests warm and cosy for the spooky celebrations, an Umbra Fire Pit is the perfect choice for you.

The Umbra range adds a modern and stylistic feel to any outdoor space and provides a beautiful focal point for social gatherings, thanks to the hypnotic allure of the flames.

All Umbra Fire Pits are compatible with an LPG gas. The plinth model can even house a propane cylinder of up to 5kG inside its body.

Halloween - Umbra Fire Pits
Halloween - Unbra Fire Pit - Marshmallows


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