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Warm workers no matter what the weather...

Industrial infrared heaters

Warm workers no matter what the weather...

There are essentially two options for heating warehouses radiant heating and warm air heating but which is best?

Warm air heater work by warming the air in and around the environment, which in turn warms the people working in that space. The warmed air is pumped out into the working space through a fan, which is effective but can be perceived as noisy in large open spaces.

Radiant heating is normally found in the form of infrared and is typically seen suspended from the ceiling but can also be wall mounted. Infrared heaters emit heat waves onto the objects and people below them, making them an efficient and cost effective heat source for larger industrial areas.

The Shadow Industrial and Warehouse Heater Range

The Shadow Industrial & Warehouse Heater Range offers advanced short wave infrared heating systems with coverage of up to 65 sqm achievable.

The combination of Ultra Low Glare infrared lamp technology and robust outer casings, makes the Shadow Industrial Heater range the perfect alternative to traditional gas or blown heating systems.

Heating the area where people are working to a comfortable temperature, these heaters are capable of achieving up to 18kW of short-wave infrared heat, making them a popular choice for warehouses, workshops and large industrial spaces, where the ceilings are typically very high.

Why is the Shadow industrial infrared range the heating system of choice for a factory or warehouse?

1. INSTANT HEAT Short-wave infrared heats objects instantly with a specific wave-length of light. Radiant heating of this type removes the need for a wasteful and lengthy warm up time. Perfect for industrial, warehouse or workshop heating solutions, where targeted instant and direct heating is essential.

2. LESS ENERGY WASTE Short-wave infrared heat cuts through elements like airflow to directly heat objects and by specifically targeting people and objects within its range. By not heating larger spaces as a whole energy efficiency levels increase. Significant energy savings can be achieved using infrared heat.

3. EASY TO INSTALL Shadow industrial and warehouse heaters are exceptionally easy to install to a variety of warehouse structures, walls, ceilings or structural beams. With fuss free remote-control options available, this infrared heating range has an efficient and effective heating solution for almost all industrial spaces.


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