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Guilt Free BBQ Grilling

Flame grilled meat and vegatables picture

The arrival of summer...

The scent of smoke, the sizzle of burgers hitting the grill and the sight of friends and family soaking up the sun, can only mean one thing the arrival of summer!

This summer marks the first post-pandemic summer since Covid-19 hit, back in 2020 and we are all ready to socialise and entertain friends and family and celebrate the warmer weather and lighter evenings.

Whether youre planning a grand feast or a more simple affair, barbeques are great for bringing people together, encouraging convocation and collaborative cooking efforts.

BBQ food and wine picture

No written rules...

Classic burgers or smoked brisket? Spicy salsa or Mexican slaw? Korean heat or American slow-smoking? Barbecues offer the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and concepts and as there is no written rule that says BBQs must be burgers and hot dogs, why not try your hand at some new world flavours.

As peoples palates and dietary needs/requests change, so does the expectation from the barbeque grill itself. In recent years, Barbeques have become more of a global melting pot featuring new flavours and cooking methods from all around the world.

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Grilled cheese  picture
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Plant based grilling...

Veganism is also now a popular choice with many and much like a meat BBQ, there are no written rules as to what you should be cooking and serving your friends, family and guests.

Plant based food can be amazing when grilled over a naked flame, so grab the tin foil, oil and seasonings and get grilling!

Plant based grilling picture

Top tips to help you and the environment during BBQ season...

Built to last - Invest in a quality gas BBQ that will last and wont need replacing annually.

Disposable BBQs are terrible for the environment and basic coal BBQs arent built to last. Choosing a good quality gas BBQ means you wont have to replace it every year, helping you save not only money but the environment too.

Did you know? Charcoal BBQs release three times the amount of greenhouse gases of gas BBQs! Less pollution also means less smell - no one wants to leave a garden party smelling like a bonfire!

Built to last image

Plan ahead Take orders in advance.

Planning your BBQ/gathering allows you to work out what it is you need and how much of it you require, be it gas, cutlery or the food itself. Taking food orders from your guests helps eliminate over cooking and food waste.

Did you know? The average family household could save around 2,139 on food bills, just by planning meals?

Plan ahead image

Grill less meat and more plant based foods.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the impact that the meat industry is having on the planet and more and more of us are trying our hand a plant-based diet. BBQs arent just for meat! There are some great recipes out there for the veggies and vegans amongst us, grilling is no exception!

Did you know? Meat accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production?

Shadow Diffusion table top heater video

Ditch single use plastics.

Bamboo plates, wooden cutlery and recyclable napkins are a great alternative to disposable, single use plastics. They look great too.

Did you know? Single-use plastics account for 40 percent of the plastic produced every year?

Shadow Diffusion table top heater video

Left overs for lunch the next day!

Recycling isnt just for single use plastics! Why not refrigerate your grilled leftovers for tomorrow lunch? Your guests will be super impressed if you hand them a lunchtime goodie bag on their way out!

Did you know? that 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year, across the world? Recent increases in the price of food is also driving this cost up and up.

Reduce left over food image

Shop the new Omica Gas Outdoor BBQ and Pizza Oven Range

Now available to buy from Heat Outdoors, the new Eat Outdoors Gas Oven range, Omica, offers a modern, portable and covenient way of dinning alfresco style.

Unique in design and performance, the Omica Gas BBQ Grill is a compact and fully portable gas BBQ grill that offers exceptional results.

Adding another layer to you outdoor dinning, the Omica Gas Pizza Oven produces heat in excess of 500c to cook the perfect homemade pizza. Its unique u-shaped burner provides an even bake in just under two minutes.

Omica Gas Pizza Oven
Omica Gas Pizza Oven
£159.25 + VAT
more info
  • 12" Ceramic Pizza Plate
  • Heats over 500℃ for fast cooking times of under 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Special U-Shaped Gas Burner for more even cooking
  • Stylish Black stainless steel dome
  • Portable dome-shaped design with fold-down legs
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Omica BBQ Grill
Omica BBQ Grill
£199.80 + VAT
more info
  • Unique 'V' flame diffuser for even heat spread
  • Strong and Robust with top-quality tooling and materials
  • Table top design for portability
  • Compact design with no sacrifice on internal cooking space
  • Double skinned for internal heat retention and low external 'touch' temperature
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Umbra Round MgO Gas Fire Pit
Umbra Round MgO Gas Fire Pit
£279.99 + VAT
more info
  • 12kW heat output
  • Heat resistant and stylish MgO construction
  • Large centrepiece size
  • Diameter 83cm | Height 37cm
  • Natural looking lava rocks
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Umbra Plinth MgO Gas Fire Pit
Umbra Plinth MgO Gas Fire Pit
£244.99 + VAT
more info
  • 12kW heat output
  • Neat housing for gas bottle
  • Practical and sleek stone effect
  • Natural lava rocks radiate additional heat
  • Includes FREE protective cover
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