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Preserving Your Outdoor Heaters Throughout Winter

patio heater in autumn colours

Top Tips on Maintaining Your Patio Heater Throughout Autumn and Winter

It all begins with the lamps....

It's a common misconception that you shouldn't clean your outdoor heater. We actively encourage cleaning, especially during the Autumn and Winter months where outdoor debris, dust and dirt is more common.

Although our heaters can withstand hostile outdoors conditions and have water protection against the internal electronics (due to their high waterproof IP ratings), they will, over time, prematurely damage the surface protection of the heater and more importantly, reduce the lifespan of the lamp inside.

A polished, dust free reflector, will produce significantly more heat than a one which has a soiled reflective surface due to dirt or dust. During your cleaning process, ensure the reflector within the heater and behind the lamp is kept free of dirt or grime for optimum performance. Similarly, a clean lamp will also produce more heat and be less prone to failure if kept clean.

How to Maintain Your Infrared Lamp:

Clean your lamp using a damp cloth.

Lamp failure can be caused by a small amount of dirt and grease, residue or grime in some instances. Take care to wipe clean the surface of the lamp before use to ensure it performs as expected.

  • DO regularly clean your infrared heater
  • DO NOT use detergent or cleaning fluids as they can cause damage to heater, the lamp coating & the surface of the reflector inside the unit.
  • DO keep the internal reflector as shiny as possible
  • DO NOT attempt to clean your heater or lamp whilst it is switched on, or even plugged in.
  • DO Wait at least 20 minutes after use/ allow it to cool completely before starting any maintenance or cleaning processes.

Is Your Outdoor Heater by the Sea?

Salty air and water can be detrimental to the lifespan of any metal products designed to be used in an outdoor environment.

Heaters installed in this type of environment often still require special maintenance to prevent the salt in the air drying onto the lamp or reflector. With the correct heater installed, simply using a low pressure hose pipe to wash away excess salt is enough to prevent most problems. The frequency of this procedure needs to be assessed locally by the user.

Tips for Gas Patio Heaters

A lot like our electric patio heaters, the glass in the gas patio heaters can occasionally have a build up of dust and debris.

We recommend using warm soapy water and a cloth to ensure they keep clean and pristine! Some of our customers have even said that glass/window cleaner works wonders too.

If you're not using your outdoor gas heater for a prolonged period of time, you can pop it away in a shed or garage for protection. However, to keep your gas patio heaters in the best condition, we would always recommend purchasing a protective cover. They are frost, water and guano resistant, to keep your Patio Heater's snug as a bug when not needed. They protect from rain, cold weather and the build up of dust and dirt perfectly.


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