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Enjoy alfresco moments almost all year round with an outdoor firepit

Roasting chestnuts, toasting marshmallows or simply warming your toes, an outdoor firepit allows you to enjoy alfresco moments almost the whole year round. Chic, contemporary or traditional styles offer everyone a firepit to suit their individual home and patio setting.

Fire has been an essential part to mankind’s development for almost 400,000 years – is it any wonder real flames flames are something we find fascinating and mesmerising to watch in equal measure? Early firepits found in South Africa and Israel reveal them to have been built primarily of stone and were built both above and below the ground level.

Firepits were used for many purposes from cooking to heating and often as a social centrepiece around which people would gather to relay the days activities, tell stories, pray and enjoy entertainments such as singing and dancing.

Fire Pit and Wine image

When we look at modern day firepits, not so much has changed. Perhaps a nice Pinot Noir instead of a local brew and the music might not often be live, but gazing into the ever moving hypnotic flames, sharing the warmth and putting the world to rights seems to still be the power only a real flame can bring.

Stay warm, stay fun and stay stylish with the new Umbra gas fire pits range.

Our stylish outdoor gas fire pit range is designed in a popular seasonal style. Your garden or outdoor space becomes a space to enjoy all year round. The MgO heat resistant gas fire pits have a rustic and artisan look without compromise.

You can be sure that as well as keeping warm outside the look of the gas flame is enchanting. The heat conducting rocks set off the dancing flames you get from the Umbra range. Whether it's those summer evenings or chilly winter nights the Umbra gives you memories. Extending your evenings long into the dark.


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