18kW or 24kW 3-Zone Professional Heater Controller

£683.99 - £947.99 inc. VAT £569.99 - £789.99 + VAT
£683.99 - £947.99 inc. VAT £569.99 - £789.99 + VAT
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    1. QHC18 (medium power)
      • Load capacity 18 Kilo watts.
      • Operating Voltage 230 Volts AC single or three phase.
      • Zone operation up to 3.
      • Motion Sensor operation 1 per zone.
      • Variable power control 5 settings.
      • The unit can operate with Thermostat and or Time Clock/7-day Timer.
      • Phase/output isolation.
    2. QHC24 (high power)
      • Load capacity 24 Kilo watts.
      • Operating Voltage 230 Volts AC single or three phase.
      • Zone operation up to 3.
      • Motion Sensor operation 1 per zone.
      • Variable power control 5 settings.
      • The unit can operate with Thermostat and or Time Clock/7-day Timer.
      • Phase/output isolation.

    Optional Devices for use with your 18Kw and 24Kw controllers.

    Depending on the Electronic Controller you are using you are able to operate up to three zoned areas & connect up to four 2 Kwatt or six 1.5 Kwatt infrared heaters per zone. The power setting can be varied and this will affect each zone i.e., whatever setting the controller is set to then this is the power delivered to each zone. However each zone can be manually isolated from the others through the three output circuit breakers. This allows the user to decide how many zones are to be ON.

    When Motion Sensors are connected to the Electronic controllers, a specific area or zone can be automatically switched ON & OFF when there is no movement detected in that area. The QHC15 & QHC24 can have up to 3 zones and therefore can have 3 motion sensors connected.

    Motion Sensor (PIR):
    Using our PIR connected into the Electronic Controller, will improve the efficiency of the heaters. The PIR will detect the presence of people by their movement made in specific area or zone, when there is no movement detected after 4 minutes the power to that zone will be automatically turned OFF. The power will automatically be turned on again when another movement or person is detected.

    The Sensor
    If connected to a heater directly has a switching (max load) capacity of 2 Kwatts and the time is controlled by setting on the PIR only. (Remember never have the PIR facing the heaters as the heaters will remain on).

    Push Button Adjustable Pneumatic Time Lag Switch.
    This device is simply connected by two contact wires to the TC position on your controller. The adjustable time range using this device is from 4mins to 14mins.

    Note: In either of the above cases when using a PIR or Push button timer switch directly connected to your controller, It is important to adjust the PIR / Timer switch devices to there minimum Position if 4 minutes timer is only required. When used in this configuration the controller has automatic 4 minute timeout. Adjust the devices accordingly if longer on times are required

    Ext 3 Pot Controller.
    This can be used in a separate location from the controller and is simply wired using 5 core wire. The advantage is that you can control each of the 3 zones outputs separately.

    Ext. Vandal prove push button. This can be used with a simple 2 wire connection to the TC position on your controller. The max time is 4 minutes per activation.

    Remote Control System.
    The benefit of the remote system is that you can turn your heaters ON or OFF and vary each of the 3 zone¡¦s outputs up and down individually. Once in range of controller the range is 30M approx. The remote control system will only work on remote ready system. (see your supplier). If your controller has remote ready system? Then all that is require is the remote package which Includes as follows:

    • Remote Control Receiver PCB. X 1.
    • Remote Control Fob. X 1.
    • Remote Control Software X 1.
    • Full set of installation and operating instructions.

    you may already have outdoor heaters installed on your premises and you have no method of controlling your heaters. We offer a range of Controllers giving you Versatility, Conserves energy and Optimizes control.

    Versatility: The most flexible intelligent heating control system available. Up to 24 1.0kw heaters can be run in 3 different zones by the one Controller.

    Conserves energy: No waste of electricity the heat output can be controlled by user.

    Optimizes control: comfortable working temperatures and can reduce running costs when used with a Motion detector (PIR). When there are no people detected in the area being heated the controller will turn off the heater thereby optimizing control. This can save you a lot compared to conventional heating systems.

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    Download Multi-Zone Controller Wiring Part 1

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    Download Multi-Zone Controller Wiring Part 3

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